Sunday, September 26, 2010

Like a Sunrise, Promising Yet Unknown.

This is clicked at sunrise in pondicherry

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This last week has been a stress filled fun time.  Although opportunities I had hoped for fell through, I still had a decent week.  The dream is there, right in front of my eyes.   Tempting and full of potential.  I just have to find that key.  The one little golden key, that will open the door that stands between me and my visible dream.

While one opportunity fades, another seems to surface.  I suppose it’s all about persistence, dedication, and follow through.  This challenge, the hunt for an occupation, is like a sunrise over the ocean.  Always promising, foreboding, and unknown, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.  I just keep hoping for calm seas, and fair weather.  Perhaps at some point, I will get the break I need and be able to set course, with prevailing winds to carry me to port. 

I believe I have discovered one thing.  Worry is counterproductive, and never helps when navigating the dangerous waters.  I’m trying hard to keep a positive attitude, and have faith that eventually everything works out for the best. 

Quote of the Day:
Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
--Albert Szent–Gyorgyi de Nagyraolt


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