Saturday, September 11, 2010

Change, Seemingly Forever, a Part of My Life.

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I’m settling in for a, hopefully, quiet, non eventful weekend.  It seems all to often what starts out as a nice weekend, can turn, dull or even worse, stressful, at a moments notice.  I have a lot to do, aside from the family history research, I mean.  

First off, I have to get my poor old truck running again.  It’s been parked for a few years now, after the engine let go on me.  I put a new engine in it two years ago, and then just let it sit, because the fuel costs were so high back then.  Now, I think I’m going to be needing it to get around.  I’ve been using my work truck for so long, I have gotten spoiled.  That appears to be about to come to a drastic end though, so measures must be taken. 

Also, I will be spending a fair amount of time compiling and updating my resume.  A task I’m not looking forward to because of the reasons behind it.  Needless to say, “The Hunt”, is on, and unfortunately, not my usual form of hunting.  I’ll be looking at the trucking industry, and hopefully will be able to find something that allows me to get out of state a little more often.  I would like to find somewhere to settle in until retirement.  Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed for me.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw, via Quotations Book.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Storms Struck, Stalked, Then Vanished

Oak Cliff Tornado

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Well, we survived the rains, and the tornados were pretty far to the east, so we’re still here.  Others, over in Dallas, were not so lucky!  Within less than an hours time yesterday, Wednesday Sep 8 th., Dallas had seven tornados touch down in various sections of the city.   They were all spawned of two separate storm clouds that seemed to meet and merge in a marriage of destructions over the south eastern section of Dallas.  They wed and then went on a damaging tirade through different sections of the city.

I’m uncertain of the exact toll resulting from this destructive storm, but I heard sure it’s not going to be pretty.   Property damage was extensive, and strangely spaced through the city.   We sat in front of the TV, transfixed as we were able to watch each funnel cloud form, strike a devilish blow, then disappear, only to reform a few moments later farther along the path.   This is the first time, I have ever watched the progress of a thunderstorms in such vivid clarity. 

The tornados were all part of hurricane Hermine, a storm system that appeared rather weak when it struck the coast 3 days ago.  As it traveled through Texas though, it left a wake of flood waters, damage, and destruction.  Here in our own neighborhood, we were stuck most of the morning, with all four entrances blocked my massive flooding.  I had 6 inches of rushing water through my yard.  I teased the Blinda, and told her she better put life jackets on the Chihuahuas before letting them out.  Of course I didn’t have to worry, they wouldn’t leave the front porch.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking Forward to a Positive Week

'It's just the sun rising...'

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The long weekend, sadly, is over and I have to get ready for the work week once again.  I enjoy working, not necessarily the work that I currently do, but keeping busy, and trying to provide for the family.  But I have learned to enjoy my time off far more.

I was not always this way.  There was a time, when I would have preferred working to just about anything.  I guess it was in my nature and for some reason, I simply couldn’t turn it off.  What exactly happened that allowed me to flip that switch, I’m not really sure.  All I know is that now day’s I value my days off with far more appreciation than ever before. 

There is nothing for me to do but look forward to a good work week, with a positive attitude.  Hoping for the best, sometimes helps it along it’s way to finding you.

“An Individuals value should not be calculated by net worth or gross income, but by human kindness and decency” - Unknown

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Feast Fantastic

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque

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We had a fine feast today, while visiting Blinda’s sister.  It was the traditional Labor Day party, where the choice of food is beyond imagination.  Everything grilled to tender perfection, and simply dripping with flavor.  We had  smoked beef brisket, grilled chicken, barbecue pork, and so much more. 

The only disadvantage, is after stuffing myself to capacity, I had some difficulty moving.  Will I ever learn?   I doubt it.  How could I stop, with so much flavorful food sitting in front of me, begging to be sampled.

I thought of the boys and girls in uniform, wherever they are.  Hoping they all had a chance to partake of some good food, and friendly companionship.  A brief respite from the drudgery of daily stress.   Gave thanks for those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Quote of the Day:
If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don't, you will find an excuse.


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