Sunday, August 1, 2010


I need you

Image by Valentina_A via Flickr

I wonder if my love of the past is more curiosity or fascination?  For someone who loves dreaming of the past, almost as if  I would prefer to live there, I have found an interesting hobby.  I have started to follow my roots, tacking down those elusive tendrils of information, that enjoy hiding in the most unusual of locations.  There is something ever so satisfying about finding one little thread that opens the way to so many more characters of my very own heritage. 

The search is time consuming, and every bit as enjoyable as anything I’ve done.  Even the frustration of following a link to find it inaccessible due to lack of funds.  Since I have far more time than money lately, I just keep on plugging away.  Filling my days with constant searches, combing through mountains of links, jumping at the slightest possibility. 

I have found one thing for sure, access to certain search engines, is not free.  So I’m asking anyone who can spare a dollar or two to donate to my curiosity, and help me find those missing links.   With the funds, I will upgrade my account on, and make full use of the site.  I’m even considering starting another blog, dedicated to the information I find.  To write the stories of my ancestors as I uncover them.  It sounds like an approachable challenge, and a very rewarding one.

If you can spare a few dollars, please click the donate button.  I will be eternally grateful, and reward my readers with stories of times past.  Thank you in advance for the kindness I know is out there.  Appropriately, the picture above is entitled “I Need You”

Quote of the Day:
If it doesn't matter who wins, then how come they keep score?
--Vincent Lombardi


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