Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Speeds; It’s all I know

New Gold Dream...

Image by law_keven via Flickr

There appears to be yet one more revelation that is making itself clear as a crystalline vase.  I seem to  have only two speeds, full speed ahead and all stop.  As much as I told myself to step back into things slowly.  Take my time with the blogs, and make no serious demands of my time.  I seem to have jumped right back in with both feet, dangling precariously over the flames. 

I have made more posts than I intended to start with.   Already my mind has been getting notions I am going to refuse to acknowledge.   There is absolutely no way I will start another blog, no way, no how, no time soon.  What I will do, is try to fit these quaint little inspirations into the sites I already have.  I’m sure Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy can handle a few more fiction stories.   There is absolutely no reason to start another blog just for those. Is there?  

I have even started dreaming again, far sooner than I thought I would.  There will most likely be some new day dreams posted over on Mountain Dreamer.  I just can’t seem to help myself.  I also seem to be having a little better luck coming up with stuff to write about here.  Perhaps I am dreaming, but everything does seem to be a little easier right now.

Chihuatude has taken on a life of it’s own, thanks to the Facebook fan pages.  I spent a good part of the evening last night, and the day today tweaking and cleaning up the fan page.  I added gadgets for discussions, and opened things up a little more.   Hopefully I made it a little more “Fan Friendly”, allowing fans to post their pictures to a fan album.  I also spent some time going through it and answering a few comments, and sending friend requests to a few members.  I already have a pretty good following there, and now I seem to have reason to get more E-friends.

Speaking of Facebook.  If  you would like to read a wonderfully funny post about that unique social network.   Hop on over to Lilly’s Life and read her fun and frolicking post about Facebook.

Quote of the Day:
The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.
--Benjamin Disraeli

Friday, March 12, 2010

Silent Surfing, AKA The Ninja Blog Stalk

A surfer performing a gash, or very sharp turn...
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I’ve been doing quite a lot of “silent surfing” lately.  (No, not the real form of surfing, that involves water, waves, a board, and the prerequisite of balance… something I daresay I don’t have an abundance of.)  I love looking at new blogs, and reading material from sites I have never been to before.  I call it my ninja blog stalk.  (I know there’s a techno geek name for it, but I’ll be dammed if I can remember it right now.)  I loiter on sites, reading posts and checking their blog lists, searching for fun, interesting content.  I don’t leave any comments, just make note of a new site I like by adding it to my Google reader, or perhaps even adding it to my blog list on Ruminations. 

I’ve discovered an interesting benefit to this tactic.  There is an abundance of inspiration out there on the web.  Having the time to find it all is the problem.  By being my sneaky little self, I can find far more sites, and glean valuable ideas from them.  Not to mention the fact that every once in a while you actually learn something.  Most of all I simply enjoy reading just about anything and everything as long as it’s creative and well written.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about grammar, and all those “proper” uses of syntax and , Blahh Blahh, English stuff.   (I’m lucky to have made it through my English classes without a serious neck injury from the “boredom head bob syndrome”.)   I’ve learned, not to criticize others for what I obvious have seroious difficulty with.   I’m talking about works that are easy to follow, fun, and written with an obvious passion or style.   

I suppose what it’s all leading up to is, I’m trying to decide if I want to resurrect the Monday’s Writers of the Web series on ruminations.  I’m not sure how I’ll approach it if I do, and exactly what format it’ll take.  I know that If I choose to bring it back, I want to do so with class, style, and lots of fun. 

My concern is being able to improve and maintain my writing.  I would love to be able to create content that exudes the passion I find on other sites.  The hard part, as I see it, is maintaining that level.  I know that far too many of my posts have not exactly been exemplary, especially in my own eyes.  I also recognize that there has been frequent improvements in my writing from time to time.  Still there are those times, more often than I care to think about, when my writing has… well… SUCKED!  I fervently hope to put an end to that, and studiously work at improving myself.   The question is, just how the hell I’m going to manage that, and force it to the forefront of my thoughts.

I think one of my faults is also one of my strengths, at least as I see it.  I love to write descriptively!  I search for words and phrases that drip with a colorful descriptive  essence.  The problem is I see it as coming off kind of pretentious sometimes.  I have learned to loath repeating words or phrases in my writing.  A really hard thing to avoid sometimes, thank goodness for the Thesaurus.   I’m going to have to focus a considerable effort at not sounding like a stuck up, snobby dope.
Quote of the Day:
If misery loves company, misery has company enough.
--Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something New, A Challenge for Sure

Lovers at the Grand Canal, Versailles, France
Image by Grufnik via Flickr

I’ve been stricken with an idea that won’t leave me alone.  So I have been working on a little piece, perhaps to become a big piece for Ruminations.   This is way outside my realm of usual writing, but I’m going to give it a try and see what happens.  I’ve started laying out the basics, and formulating my approach already.  I can see it clearly playing out in my head, the question remains…  Will I be able to put those visions on paper/screen, as clearly and sensuously as I see them in my head.

Yes, I said sensuously,  this is a slightly seductive vision.   Being the shy one I am,  questions of  my ability to pull it off, abound within my own mind.  I assure you, if I make it work, My face will be suffuse with color. 
Quote of the Day:
School is a drill for the battle of life. If you fail in the drill you will fail in the battle.
--Karl G. Maeser

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tedious Tides of Daily Excitement

Stormy morning on Märket

Image by taivasalla via Flickr

Days are just so much fun  when they are filled with such an enormity of excitement!  We’ve been so busy of late that our time is consumed at the shop waiting for work, any work, to come in.  I mean dam there is only so many times you can wash a truck or clean the shop.  I’ve actually been doing some mechanic work for the boss on his race car.  At least I have a little bit to keep me occupied, and glean a few hours on the clock.

Quote of the Day:
Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude.
--Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Creative Copy Challenge, What an Interesting Idea!

Have desk, will write
Image by Bright Meadow via Flickr

I was perusing Twitter, and came across an entry announcing a new post by Writer Dad.  More than anything the title of the blog itself, stood out and captured my attention.  My curiosity aroused, I had to go check out this “Writer Dad”, and see what he was all about.   What I found was a wonderful story, Life’s Better With the Right Words, of how he had loved writing as a child “for the fun of it”, but somewhere along the way had lost that sense of fun.  Of course he got it back later, some 20 years or so.  It was a well written and fun post, and well worth the time to read.

What really caught my attention was a badge he had on the sidebar.  A simple badge stating “Creative Copy Challenge, our 10 words your stories”.   Well, naturally I had to check this out!  What I found was a site that has a simple purpose, the fun of writing.   They post a quick article that contains 10 words.  You simply compose a short story using all ten words in a cohesive nature.  Of course you place your story in the comments section, for all to appreciate. 

I think I just might give this a try one of these weekends, when I have all that free time on hands.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facebook Pages?

Facebook, Inc.

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I was messing around on Facebook today, trying to figure out all the little things that go along with my profile.  Low and behold I found out I have a Face book Page!  I remember setting up some pictures on a page a long, long, long time ago.  It’s called Chihuahua’s, and a feed from Chihuatude is displayed there. 

Well come to find out, That page has 433 fans.  I suppose I’ll have to explore my own page a little bit more.  Fans have been asking questions and leaving comments, and I didn’t even know it.  There has to be some way to turn on notifications of stuff like that.

Facebook badge

I also need to figure out how to set up a decent landing page, and a few other things.  The new banner for Chihuatude should look pretty cool there.  and at least it has all the kids on it. If your on facebook, come on over and become a fan, join the other 433 people and pets I didn’t know were there.

Chihuahua's on Facebook

Quote of the Day:
Commonsense and good nature will do a lot to make the pilgrimage of life not too difficult.
--William Somerset Maugham


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