Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Storms Struck, Stalked, Then Vanished

Oak Cliff Tornado

Image by austrini via Flickr

Well, we survived the rains, and the tornados were pretty far to the east, so we’re still here.  Others, over in Dallas, were not so lucky!  Within less than an hours time yesterday, Wednesday Sep 8 th., Dallas had seven tornados touch down in various sections of the city.   They were all spawned of two separate storm clouds that seemed to meet and merge in a marriage of destructions over the south eastern section of Dallas.  They wed and then went on a damaging tirade through different sections of the city.

I’m uncertain of the exact toll resulting from this destructive storm, but I heard sure it’s not going to be pretty.   Property damage was extensive, and strangely spaced through the city.   We sat in front of the TV, transfixed as we were able to watch each funnel cloud form, strike a devilish blow, then disappear, only to reform a few moments later farther along the path.   This is the first time, I have ever watched the progress of a thunderstorms in such vivid clarity. 

The tornados were all part of hurricane Hermine, a storm system that appeared rather weak when it struck the coast 3 days ago.  As it traveled through Texas though, it left a wake of flood waters, damage, and destruction.  Here in our own neighborhood, we were stuck most of the morning, with all four entrances blocked my massive flooding.  I had 6 inches of rushing water through my yard.  I teased the Blinda, and told her she better put life jackets on the Chihuahuas before letting them out.  Of course I didn’t have to worry, they wouldn’t leave the front porch.


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