Friday, July 16, 2010

The Finished Project

Finished ProjectWe just finished that horse trailer we had been working on so I thought I would post a few pictures of the finished project. Needless to say, it took longer than anticipated, for many reasons.  Top among those was the fact that as soon as I got the trailer stripped to the point it could not be used, we got very busy at work, preventing me from working on it.

Finally though, time allowed me to finish what I had started, much to the relief of my 0715001632aboss.  He had been wanting to use it the whole time it was stripped down.  At one point he even had me put everything back on it, and get it set up for a weekend trip.  The biggest problem with that, was, it took me about four hours to make it road worthy, and another four hours to strip it all down again.  Being the devious sort that I am, I made a point to cut out all the sheet metal that needed to be replaced so he wouldn't be able do that again.   He wasn’t too happy about that, because right afterward was when we got busy, and I had no time at all to work on it. 

0715001632cAfter welding in new pieces of sheet metal, carefully shaping them as I went to show the least amount of lines, I bondo-ed everything and sanded.  Across the front of the trailer, I had replaced about four one foot by two foot sections of metal. 

The hardest part of the whole project though was stripping the paint off the inside.  It was truly a miserable job, one I hope never to have to do again.  Once done though, it was a simple mater of putting a few coats of primer on, inside and out, and then the finishing coats of white paint. 

0715001632dOnce that cured for a week, we set about cutting the diamond plate aluminum for accents, and putting the new trim on.  I’ll tell you it’s not as easy as you would think to bend the trim so it looks good, and that stuff is not cheep either.   Then it was a simple mater of installing all the lights and wiring them up.   I even put back up lights on it, and doom lights inside and in the saddle compartment. 

Here’s a few more pictures so you can marvel at my handy work, LOL..   07150016330715001632











We also re-covered the bumpers and cushions inside, and carpeted the saddle compartment.  I had fun with the whole project, even if it took longer than we thought.  I really enjoyed seeing the work progress through it’s various stages.


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