Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Or perhaps it should be Cast-A-Log… NO, that certainly doesn’t sound right, Ha, Ha, Ha.    In my recent research about podcasts, I discovered that the name came from the fact they were “broadcasts” you could receive or download on your “I-pod”, hence podcast.  It only stands to reason that if your broadcasting on your blog, it should become a blogcast.

Needless to say,I have been doing a lot of research.  I bookmarked some helpful, how to, blog posts by different authors.  Located a number of free podcast hosting services, and even downloaded a couple of free audio recording utilities.  The interesting thing I’m finding out, is that there are a lot of open source sites out there dedicated to podcasting.  The advantage of this is the availability of Creative Commons music for background and atmosphere.

I am by no means ready to jump feet first into this option, but it bears some serious consideration.  One of the things I’m finding fascinating, is the added connection you can get with your readers.  There is nothing more personal than “talking” with someone.  That added benefit of allowing your readers to hear your voice could intimate the whole blog experience to a new level.
Quote of the Day:
Even as water carves monuments of stone, so do our thoughts shape our character.
--Hugh B. Brown


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