Thursday, March 18, 2010

Looking Forward to The Weekend.

misty moon
Image by miuenski via Flickr

I’ve had one of those weeks.  A week filled with the stale monotone of repetition.  I spent the large majority of the my time doing things that are designed specifically to fill the blank spaces between the real jobs.  I suppose I should be thankful though and not complaining.  I could have just as easily been doing nothing.

I feel like an early leaf bud, waiting for the repletion of springtide to arrive.  Fearing the infrequent neutralizing cold snaps of pre-spring.  Yet desiring a spontaneity grounded by a comfortable perseveration of routine.

In other words, I want my cake, but desire to eat it too!  Ha, Ha, Ha.
Quote of the Day:
Sharing money is what gives it its value.
--Elvis Presley, singer


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