Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facebook Pages?

Facebook, Inc.

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I was messing around on Facebook today, trying to figure out all the little things that go along with my profile.  Low and behold I found out I have a Face book Page!  I remember setting up some pictures on a page a long, long, long time ago.  It’s called Chihuahua’s, and a feed from Chihuatude is displayed there. 

Well come to find out, That page has 433 fans.  I suppose I’ll have to explore my own page a little bit more.  Fans have been asking questions and leaving comments, and I didn’t even know it.  There has to be some way to turn on notifications of stuff like that.

Facebook badge

I also need to figure out how to set up a decent landing page, and a few other things.  The new banner for Chihuatude should look pretty cool there.  and at least it has all the kids on it. If your on facebook, come on over and become a fan, join the other 433 people and pets I didn’t know were there.

Chihuahua's on Facebook

Quote of the Day:
Commonsense and good nature will do a lot to make the pilgrimage of life not too difficult.
--William Somerset Maugham


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