Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Creative Copy Challenge, What an Interesting Idea!

Have desk, will write
Image by Bright Meadow via Flickr

I was perusing Twitter, and came across an entry announcing a new post by Writer Dad.  More than anything the title of the blog itself, stood out and captured my attention.  My curiosity aroused, I had to go check out this “Writer Dad”, and see what he was all about.   What I found was a wonderful story, Life’s Better With the Right Words, of how he had loved writing as a child “for the fun of it”, but somewhere along the way had lost that sense of fun.  Of course he got it back later, some 20 years or so.  It was a well written and fun post, and well worth the time to read.

What really caught my attention was a badge he had on the sidebar.  A simple badge stating “Creative Copy Challenge, our 10 words your stories”.   Well, naturally I had to check this out!  What I found was a site that has a simple purpose, the fun of writing.   They post a quick article that contains 10 words.  You simply compose a short story using all ten words in a cohesive nature.  Of course you place your story in the comments section, for all to appreciate. 

I think I just might give this a try one of these weekends, when I have all that free time on hands.


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