Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pins and Needles

This waiting is torture, and yet I am to blame.  I have all the stories loaded in the cue, ready to auto post one after the other.  I’m sitting here, waiting, on pins and needles.

I do have an advantage over everyone else though.  I have already read each submission, and enjoyed them so much.  It’s like having a secret you have to fight hard to keep.  Wanting at every turn to share what you know with someone.

Be sure to visit The Inferno, and The Artists Challenge, each are posting their galleries Sunday Morning.  We’ll be treated to both art of the visual nature, and inspired writing, painting pictures of it’s own.

Quote of the Day:
What single ability do we all have? The ability to change.
--George Leonard Andrews

Friday, September 18, 2009

Anticipation, Such Sweet Torture.

Description unavailable

Image by Gattou/Lucie via Flickr

I’m so excited, this weekend will be the debut of our first writers challenge on The Inferno.  All week long I have been posting excerpts of  writers work and their links.  All building up to the grand day, Sunday.  We have had some great stories put out there by many different people, and there are more yet to come.

Sunday I get to post all the submissions for the challenge theme.  This first theme is “Curiosity Killed The Cat” an evening of woe and delight of Edgar Allen Poe.  The submissions we have received, run the gambit.  I’ll be posting all of them on The Inferno, in succession, Sunday starting at 12:01Am.  One per minute until they are all posted.  They will be grouped by a unique tag, and I’ll put up a greeting post for visitors with a link to that tag.  That way, people can see all the entries at the same time.  Each entry will have comments enabled and anyone will be able to view and comment on them. 

The anticipation is nearly unbearable.  The hard part is going to be that I have continuing education class tomorrow, so I won’t be around until evening.  This is going to make it pretty tough to maintain a respectable level of attention during class.

Quote of the Day:
The cynic is his own worst enemy. It requires far less skill to run a wrecking company than it does to be an architect.
--U.S. Andersen

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Quiet Night

My Wild River... A Landscape Painter…!!! :)

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

Just a quiet night, not much going on.  I’ve been working on my submissions for the Artists Challenge, and also reviewing the stories I’ve received fro The Inferno‘s first writers challenge.    I’m really having fun with this new site.  I get to highlight writers both of blogs, and published books.  It’s right up my alley. 

Work has slowed down a little again, but that’s alright as long as it’s only for a very short period.  The rains we’ve been having are not helping much.  I’m keeping my finger crossed and hoping for the best.


The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back Home Again, Tired and Refreshed

Yellow Dragon Fly

Image by Abishesh via Flickr

I know, that sounds strange, Tired and Refreshed!  All I can say is that working out there, and being able to stay at camp for the night is such a blessing.  It really clears my head, and get’s thoughts to moving around.  I have all kinds of ideas flowing around, mostly to do with the all the blogs, but some story ideas are taking form also.   Where they’ll  go from here, I’ll just have to wait and see. 

Last night at the camp we had a performance by a fairly large group of dragon flies.    They were pretty big critters, and were just flying around chasing each other, doing all kinds of aerial acrobatics.   It was a lot of fun to just sit back and watch.  The weather was nice and cool, no rain at all.  We just enjoyed the evening air, had a couple of   German sausages, and then hit the sack. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The dutiful scheduled post.

Turn the light off - Goodbye / Arrivederci

Image by janusz l via Flickr

By the time your reading this, I will hopefully, be blissfully asleep at the deer lease.  I pray I won’t be soaked to the bone, and suffering under a deluge of rainfall.  Our little camper has sprung a few leaks, and we’re trying to get them sealed off.  Not always an easy task with the older campers.  Of course I’m sure it doesn’t help that the poor thing sits out there under the brutal Texas sun and unusual weather conditions. 

The fishing should be excellent, and I’m hoping to spy some deer.  I might even sit one of blind for the evening, just to see what's moving around.

See Y’all tomorrow evening!

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

Mario Andretti


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to another adventure in thinking.


Image by Fr Antunes via Flickr

I’ll be heading out of town for a couple of days again.  We’re still working on the same house, with constant changes and fun challenges.   I’ll be designing a rainwater collection system for their irrigation and landscaping.  I’m really looking forward to that, because it’s a little different from our normal work. 

It’s not as difficult as one would think.  After some research on-line, I have some really good ideas for how to make it happen at about half the cost as what's available on the market.   I just love things that make me think and strategize.   I’ve always been one for building things, overcoming obstacles.  I think I got that from my father.  I look at things that have been done, and think, “I could do that, maybe even better”.   I’m always looking for a new method to accomplish particular ends.

Quote of the Day:
Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.
--Albert Einstein

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twilight settles, while rain holds a steady tempo


Image by jeloid via Flickr

Twilight has settled on our neighbor hood, while rain beats a patterned tempo on my roof.  Such has been the story of my last four days, nonstop rain and misty darkness.  I’m not complaining though, for it has been good fodder for the short-short stories.  

I have found myself with ample time to dawdle in front of the computer, dreaming up fiction and copying it down.   Strange that a weather pattern so unwelcome to me is the source of such grand mental wanderings.  I’ve enjoyed the weekend far more than I anticipated, and for some reason I think the rain had something to do with it.

I have uploaded the new template on The Inferno, and posted several stories there.  We are having a lot of fun with the site, and getting even more submissions for the writers challenge than I thought possible for a first time.  Swing by and let me know what you think about the new look.  I believe it holds the right attitude for the site and seems to load fairly fast.

Quote of the Day:
Progress depends on people knowing they'll be able to profit from their ideas.
--Deborah Neville


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