Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sleep; of the Work Weary

Wow, I slept for nine hours last night.  It was so needed, after last week.  I normally only get a few hours a night.   I have to admit, in the past few months that time frame has grown.  I guess it has something to do with age.  I find it necessary get more than four hours a night a little more frequently now.  I still get on a insomnia like kick every once in a while though.   The physical exertion of last week took it’s toll no doubt.  I haven’t worked that hard in a long time.  We didn’t even feel like fishing after work, the two nights we spent at camp.  Now that is tired! 

Today Was productive in it’s own way.  I learned a few new tricks for the templates.  I’m really torn between a couple of templates I really like the look of.  The problem is they don’t have some features I’m looking for.  So I went on a feature hunt if you will.  I learned a few new ways to add what I want to existing templates.  HTML, accompanied by a little Java script can do wonders.  There is so much open source code out there, free to use.  I’ll have to test some of it to make sure it doesn’t slow page loads significantly.  I would love to find a way to make the sidebar not refresh every time you click a link, only loading the post your interested in. 

I also found an answer to something I’ve been working on for The Pub.  I’ve been trying to build a slide show that will be easily copied by members to their own site.  I think I may have the answer in hand.  Unfortunately it will take some code work to load on pages, and not that many people are comfortable tinkering with their template HTML.  I think I’ll need to work on an answer for that.  I really want to make a widget they can just copy a snippet of code, and paste into an HTML widget and be done.  I’ll figure it out, it only takes time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home; Finally!


Image by ANVAR - RUSSIANTEXAN © via Flickr

I’ve had one of the roughest weeks in my recent memory.  Four days of digging, mostly with a jack hammer or rock bar.  To say the least, I’m completely worn out.  There is always a bright side though.  I have all weekend to relax and recuperate.

One of the things I plan to do, is spend some time on the new look for Ruminations.  This time around, I’m going to lose many of the larger widgets that slow things down so much.  I have a lot of people telling me the page load is super slow.  Lucky me, I have a pretty fast connection so it doesn’t seem that slow to me. 

I’m also going to work on some submissions for The Inferno.   Heather is hosting a few mini challenges over there, and they are just too tempting.  So I need to work up something to fit her challenges and then see if how well it goes. 

I have some big plans for tonight also.  I’m going to get some sleep!  Yep you heard me right, shocking I know.  I’m so used to three to four hours a night, but tonight I think I need more.   I may end up sleeping the whole night through!  See you tomorrow, and I’ll let you know if the plan worked.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two more days.

Blue Rail

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

Another two torturous days ahead.  We’ll see how things go, but I hope they won’t be anything like the last two.   I’ll be back tomorrow evening, hopefully in better shape than I was last night. 

Hoping for dream days, not nightmares.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost Beat by A Rock

Rock workers using a jackhammer in drilling at...

Image by Oregon State University Archives via Flickr

One of the things I remember, not fondly, about home, is the abundance of rocks.  If  You were digging a fence post hole, it ended up being about two foot in diameter because of all the rocks that had to be pried out with a rock bar.  Well as the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas.  Let me tell you, they ain’t just a kidding!

I spent the last two days trying to dig a hole 4 foot round, and 5 foot deep.  Total time spent digging was around 14 hours.  Total time using a shovel, maybe one hour.  How does one dig without a shovel?  Well if your in Possum Kingdom Texas, you use a jack hammer.

I knew I was in trouble when I tried to stick the shovel in the dirt, and received a resounding CLANG.  Hell I hadn’t even started digging yet!  After two days, I had rock dust in my ears, nose, and places best not mentioned.  When we got to camp last night, I barely had enough gumption to cook dinner.  Then I went straight to bed, slept the whole night through.  And back at it today.

Needless to say I’m tired, worn, not sure what hurts more, and hell I don’t know!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Off to another adventure

A bouncing ball captured with a stroboscopic f...

Image via Wikipedia

Life is always an adventure.  I’m off again to Possum Kingdom for two days.  The adventure, a never ending exercise. 

I have plenty of work to do out there, and it’ll be some of the more physical work too.  We have to dig, and dig, and dig.  There is no way to get equipment down to this place, so it will be all hand digging.  And pretty tough with rocks bigger than I.

I’ll see Y’all tomorrow evening. For the time being, talk a journey over to The Inferno, and get a glimpse into the workings of my mind.  My latest post, Art Inspired Fiction -  Nobody's Home, or Is there, shows how my imagination works.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Change Is a Good Thing.


Image by melolou via Flickr

I have been considering a change to the template over at Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy.  I have had complaints from a few people, mainly my Mother and a few others.  It seems that the dark background  and white font is difficult to read for some. 

In an effort to make things better, I spent close to four hours checking out templates on line.  I found about 30 I liked and down loaded.  From them, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 I really like.  I’m going to create a few test blogs, and will see which templates work out best.  Some of them are harder to tweak than others, but I love a challenge so I’ll be digging in and see what I can come up with.  Now you all know how much I love doing this type of thing.  My goodness how many times have I changed the template over there? 

I thrive on playing in the code, and trying to make it do what I want.  Besides, I’ve learned a few tricks lately about how to make a template more browser friendly.  When I get two or three ready, I’ll put up a poll on Ruminations for reader feedback.

I’m still working on an idea of how to set up my blog roll so it doesn’t slow the page load down so much.  I will probably remove the BlogCataog widget, and MyBlogLog recent views widget.  They play a large part in the slow load.  I can use the buttons to meet their requirements and still keep things loading with reasonable speed.  There are a few other widgets that slow things down, and I’m struggling over a decision about them.

Kel, you don’t have to tell me I’m a little crazy, because I already know LOL.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We’re getting down to business

Old book bindings at the Merton College library.

Image via Wikipedia

Well now that we have things up and running, and the playful posts over, we’re going to get to what we set out to do.  The Inferno, is to be an outlet more appropriate for the writers who join The Artist Challenge.  The site they use for the challenge, is a little more difficult to post literary works on.  It’s also a means of generating more focus on the challenge.  I have been spending a lot of time promoting the The Inferno, and getting it listed in as many blog directories as I can.  Not an easy task I assure you. 

I’ve also been busy as a beaver, tweaking the template.  I learned a few tricks for SEO, and have implemented them.   I’m still working on the navigation and linking issues.  We don’t have all that much room on the side bar, so we’re limited on what to do.  I’m leaning toward doing a couple of link pages, Site Links, Crew Links, Writer and Poet Links, and Artist links.  There is still so much to do, it’s hard to think straight sometimes. 

I posted a new article this morning, it’s the first of a series I hope to be doing, Art Inspired Fiction.  Lucky for me I have such a great source of artwork for inspiration, with the challenge and Dante’s pub.  Anyway, check out the story, Whitney – Art Inspired Fiction, and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow, oop’s later today, I’m going to be trying to call Heather so we can work out a few specifics.  I’m really looking forward to this teleconference, it should help clear up questions in both our minds.  Hopeful we’ll be able to get some scheduling issues figured out.  I surely don’t want to post something when she had planed to post something.  We’re aiming for a daily post for now, and I’m not sure if we’ll do more or not.  For now, I think daily is going to be just right.

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