Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Theme – Theme

petal shadows

Image by Will Montague via Flickr

The Artists Challenge is at it once again.  Every month we have one to two challenges.   Artists can submit their work for a theme based challenge.    This particular challenge is more of a NON-theme though.  The title is No Theme Theme.    I did a poem for the challenge, actually two, similar but separate.   This was the first one I sent in, and then decided I didn’t like.  So I did another that is now my submission, it’s posted over on Ruminations

Poor Vikki, our very own Pub Wench, who does all the leg work, and keeps the mugs filled to the brim.   She also manages to keep order, and make sense of the mayhem over at Dante’s Pub, no small task I assure you.  I do this to her all the time, I just can’t be satisfied with a piece until I tweak it and twist it a few times. 


Nary a line to follow,

nor guiding light.

No thoughts to barrow,

an endless plight.


Route nearly mapped, yet

no compass to guide.

Fair winds have slacked,

sails hanging aside.


No anchor to bind,

nor chain to confine

Freedoms not blind,

abstract sublime.


The No Theme Theme will debut on Aug 16th, 2009, be sure to swing over to the Artist Challenge page and check out the art work.

Otherwise Occupied


Image by Rrrrred via Flickr

Tonight, Friday the 14 th, is my Anniversary.  I am otherwise occupied, so no posts, LOL.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Absentee Posting

Fenced-in Sunset

Image by gregkendallball via Flickr

I just love this scheduled posting!  I don’t even have to be anywhere near a computer, and I can have an article post on my sites.  While your reading this, I will most likely be enjoying some Venison back strap, grilled over charcoal and Mesquite.   Kicking back in a camp chair, beer close by, and the fragrance of nature in the air.  If all goes well, I’ll soon be casting a line out in the water hoping for a bite, while enjoying a slow sunset.   Not a care in the world, just like the deer we saw yesterday.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing Special?


Image by buralist via Flickr

It seems, as it so often does, that nothing special happened today.  Just a normal everyday humdrum, working here in the city.  The funny this is though, it was anything but normal, un eventful yes, but normal by any comparison.   The morning started slow, with the boss being late for work!  At least it wasn’t me this time, LOL.  The hard part, is that it seems when a morning starts off slow like that, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Everything from then on went ever so slow, with problems creeping up from every corner.  Couldn’t finish the job we were working on because we were delivered the wrong style of sinks.   The brightest part of the day, was when it was over.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Day’s, Restful Nights


Image by Paul Keleher via Flickr

I can say that working out of town makes for some really long days.  There are advantages to it though.  I get to see some great landscape, and wonderful wildlife.  Most of all though, is the relaxing evenings at camp, where I barbecue some steak and bake potatoes, then kick back to have a few cold ones.   Of course there’s always a a little fishing thrown in somewhere.  Can’t beat that.  We work ten to twelve hours, but get to relax the night away.

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Sleep Tight, Weary One!

shadows of august

Image by greenhem via Flickr

When this article posts, I’ll be shrouded in the deep sleep of the deer lease.   I find that I sleep more soundly, and wake up far more refreshed when I’m at out there.  Something about the good clean country air, and peaceful silent nights, that lend themselves to quality sleep.   This is one of the major advantages of working where we are.  I get better rest than anyone could ever imagine. 

I also get to see some great wildlife, and spend a little time fishing.  I have managed to take some tenderloin filets wrapped with bacon, and potatoes to bake.  All cooked on a charcoal grill for flavor.  Now that’s what I call living! 

I’ll have a new post fresh off the presses ready for Wednesday. and hopefully one for Ruminations also.  Until then, I’ll think of everyone as I’m driving through the area, enjoying the sights.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So We Start All Over Again!

The day the Earth stood still

Image by G a r r y via Flickr

We start another week of working two days away, and one evening at home.  Rinse, and repeat for the next two days.  I don’t really mind, but it does manage to take away from things I have been working on at home.  At least I’m working, which is more than some people have. 

I’ve been working on some more fiction, and having a blast with it.  We’ll see how the stories come out, and then I’ll decide if I post them.  I have one, that’s Sci-Fi, and it’s giving me some trouble.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around ways to make my vision believable.   Some famous writer, not sure who, once said,  “fiction has to be believable while reality can be completely unbelievable”.   Not the easiest thing to do!

Quote of the Day:
If you destroy a free market, you create a black market.
--Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Sunday Morning

In All Things Of Nature There Is Something Of ...

Image by stage88 via Flickr

I just love a clear beautiful Sunday morning.   Why, I’m not sure? I suppose it has something to do with having recovered from the week before on Saturday, and looking forward to a new start.   It’s kind of funny, because Sunday is my CHORE day.  This is when I have to get out and mow the grass, clean things up and generally take care of all those things that have built up over the week.

Today will be primarily Mowing, I have let the grass get far to voluptuous, and it’s going to cost me extra time on the mower.  There is always so much that needs to be done, and never enough time to do it, LOL.  Although I would bet that if I worked a little harder on scheduling things, and spreading them out through the week, I would have more time on Sundays.  Oh well, no worries, I’ll just have to grab a cold beer, and get to it.  I’ll talk to everyone later.


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