Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basking in the heat of the day


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These hot summer days!!!!  What is a poor mountain boy like me supposed to do?  I can fairly say my spirit is not made for these southern heat waves.  I keep laughing every time someone talks about the cool front that came through.  The temperature got down in the 90’s for just a few days.  Yes, cooler than it has been, but a “cool front” I don’t think so. 

My system is just not geared for temperatures above 80.  I suppose it’s my growing up above 10,000 feet where it never gets hot.   I’ll be looking forward to the cool of winter, and dreaming of snow.  We may not see any snow down here, but that won’t keep me from dreaming of it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Festive Friday


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Why you might ask, is it festive?  Well I’m not really sure, it seems to be a mood I just to slipped into.   I can tell you there is no basis behind it, for it has been far from a perfect day.  So I’m just going to go with the flow, and see where it takes me.  Every once in awhile my moods surprise me, and present opportunities unseen by me before.

Next Saturday, the Artist Challenge will present the results of their latest challenge.  The theme for this one is Moon River, and I just cant wait to see some of the art work.  I have been working on a little something for it also, I wouldn’t exactly call it art, but what the heck right.  After it premiers, I’ll post what I did on Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy.

I’m trying hard to work up a Friday’s Fantasy post, but I won’t make any promises.  If I can get my mind off of tweaking my submission for the challenge, I just might be able to get something done.  So I’ll leave you at that, and try to get back to work.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Free Open Source Office Suite


After setting up this new-used computer, one thing became obvious to me.  Programs that cost a lot of money, are not reasonable for a multi-computer family.  One of the programs I used to use a lot is MS Office, Pro edition.  I am a database addict, and love playing around with Access.  Word has always been a familiar and useful tool for me also.  I had also done quite a bit in Publisher, creating newsletters and such for different things.  The problem is MS Office is anything but cheap!

I found a solution on line though, without much effort.  OpenOffice.Org, is a free Open Source Office Suite.  It has a word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation maker, and an image manipulation or drawing tool.  The overall feel of the office suite is very similar to MS Office, especially the word processor.  If you use Word, you’ll find Writer’s user interface to be friendly and recognizable.  It also opens all MS Office files with no trouble.

Another advantage of OpenOffice.Org is the numerous add-on’s and plug in’s that are available, all free of charge.  One of the plug in’s I downloaded is a save as PDF program.  It allows you to save any writer document your working on as a PDF file.  I figured as much writing as I do, I might start a book, then I can save it as PDF so my readers can download it from my site.  I think it’s a great software package, and should be very useful.  

The OpenOffice.Org Suite is easy to download, and all the programs come in one easy to install package.   After I use it a little bit, I’ll see about posting a review so I can tell you what I think about it.  Of course you can always check out their web site, or download the program yourself and let me know what you think.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What’s up with Entrecard?

I have an Entrecard widget on three of my blogs.  Now that I’m back in action, I was going to start dropping cards again.  The problem is I can’t log into Entrecard at all.  I’ve tried requesting a rest password, but have had no luck.  Yes I checked the spam folders in the email to be sure it didn’t get lost.   I’ve tried emailing them, and just can’t seem to get through, or nobody is answering the mail.  I’m just about to the point of dropping the widgets off my blogs.  Entrecard was a darn good way to get around and visit with people, not to mention finding new blogs.  I’ll give them a little more time, and see what happens. 

On another line, after my recent computer crash, I lost all my email address.  so If you were one of those who I email, infrequent or otherwise, please send me an email so I can repopulate my contacts log.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What an Honor!

Wow, I just came from one of Roy’s blogs, The Struggling Blogger,  He does a series where he promotes other bloggers, called Bloggers Connection.  Well guess what?  Come on, I know you can guess it.  Yep he featured me this week, and all of my blogs.  I was taken completely by surprise, and nearly left speechless.  I did say nearly, it didn’t take me long to jump in and leave him a fairly long, rambling comment.

Roy made a few good points about how the internet has broken down boundaries.  Allowed a level of communication never before experienced.  For instance, Roy is over in the Philippines. now what would be the chance I would ever be able to meet him?  He’s right, I know I talk with people in India, Australia, the UK, and many other places.  Blogging has created such a diverse community, it’s rather amazing at times.

I’ll just have to repay the compliment, and highlight Roy and his many, and I do mean many blogs over of Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Weekend of Digital Difficulties

Talk about bad luck, I sometimes think it’s the only kind of luck I have.  After Blinda crashed her computer, I spent the whole night Saturday trying to figure it out.   I tried everything I could think of, all to no avail.   By 5:00 AM, I was so worn and ragged, ready to pull my hair out that I just quit. 

The funny thing is, that as so often happens, once I looked at things in the light of a new day, everything worked out.  I went to Best Buy to talk with the tech guru’s, and got some suggestions.  I ended up spending another 4 hours, correcting things and making it all work again, but I got it done.  It’s certainly better than paying the $199.00 diagnostic fee, and god knows what else to get it fixed.

Luckily most of my data was the external hard drive, so not much was lost.  Unfortunately, my Live Writer drafts were not, and evidently are lost forever.  I had about 10 good posts worked up, and a couple of decent stories.  Now I get to try and recreate much of that work, and see where it takes me.  There were two chapters of Friday’s Fantasy, that I’m hoping I can recreate as well.  I can tell you that I will be sure to save my drafts to the external hard drive or CD from now on.

At least we are back to two PC’s, and not trying to share one.  I’m too easy going to beg for my fair share of time, and it makes for strained relations.  Now I don’t have to worry about that, and I can just IM her if I need something, LOL .

Sample IM Conversation

Me-  Honey bring me a beer please

Blinda- You have two feet and two hands, get it yourself.

Me- Yes dear.

Blinda- while your up, bring me a soda.

Me, Yes dear, grumble grumble moan.

Blinda- Hey can you fix this stupid thing on my computer.

Me- Yes dear.

OK, so I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit, but you get the drift.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Day of Peace, Then Fate Stepped in

We had a wonderful day of peace, each of us playing on our respective computer.  Then of course, fate, kismet, what ever just had to step in and ruin it all.  The old computer, Blinda’s, died yesterday.  I tried everything I could think of to resurrect it to no avail. 

I guess we’re just going to have to take it in to be repaired.  I’m sure it’s something I did to it, and not a major fault.  I was removing some of my programs hoping it would speed it up.  I guess I removed something important, because now I can’t even get it to recognize the  Windows boot disk.  This of course means I can’t do a restore from my back up files.

I suppose things will get better, and I just hope I can get the darn thing fixed.  I really don’t want to have to figure out how to buy another one.  Thankfully we have the new one to work with until I can get the other fixed.


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