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A Simple, Fast, Cinematic Way to Browse Web Photos.

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There have been a number of times I wished I had a simple, fast, cinematic way to view web photos.  I was introduced to CoolIris a few months back by a blog friend.  It is an extension, or add on for FireFox, and can make your life so much easier and more enjoyable when it comes to browsing through photos or videos.

I love the way this add on works.  It displays photos from a web site on a wall.  The wall is moveable with your cursor, and the speed is amazing.  See one you like, simply click on it to enlarge, then you can save it as a favorite, or even email it to someone, or yourself.  I use it regularly, and have found some amazing pictures with CoolIris.  It’s a simple download and install process, and works with FireFox 3.0/3.5.

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There is an Advantage


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I know I have been focusing on my lack of time on the computer, but there is an advantage to having less time online.  It has allowed me to  catch up on my reading, specifically the novels that bring me so much entertainment.  

A few weeks back I picked up Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.  I had heard such good things from people, and decided to check it out for myself.   To say I was taken in by the story is an understatement.  The story is unique and provides a fresh idea of  vampire life.  I think that is what grabbed me first off,  Meyer’s new and interesting version of what vampires are and how they exist.  The nearly unbelievable possibilities for relationships between vampires and humans takes on a whole new light in Meyers vision.

I found myself so involved in the story, I had to go out get the next book in the series, New Moon.  Meyer did not let me down, I enjoyed the book just as much as the first one.  She was able to add a few new twists to the plot that kept me involved and interested.  My imagination peaked, and curiosity running at full speed ahead. I breezed through the second book.  Within New Moon, Meyer defines her vision of  werewolves, or more accurately shape shifters.  This too is a new direction taken with an old myth that I found refreshing and interesting.

I wondered if it were possible for Meyer to continue her fascinating story with such apt style, and I wanted to read on.  So I went out and got Eclipse, the third book in the series.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Meyer managed to keep the story fresh and lively, making full use of her familiar characters as well as introducing new and intriguing  ones.  The story took on a new vision, as Meyer switched the voice of the narrator to another character in the book.   I was amazed at the way this tactic transformed my vision of what was happening.

Book four, Breaking Dawn, sped the pace up a little and continued the love story.  Meyer brought it to an interesting and fun ending, the possibility of a  happily ever after if you will.  Meyer didn’t lose my interest at all, and kept me on edge waiting to discover exactly what would happen.  All four books are filled with action, intrigue, love, and some very interesting friendships.

I enjoyed them all, and would recommend them for some fun reading.  It’s always nice to find a new author, and I can now add Stephanie Meyer to my list of favored authors.  I have also picked up her new book Host, and will tell you what I think in another article.  I have already read it, so as soon as I can I’ll write something up, I’ll post it.


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