Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Plan has Formed; Now to stick to it!

Give to Humanity... (repost)

Image by ~Aphrodite via Flickr

The biggest problem I have currently, is the fact that Blinda has discovered so real fun sites for her, on the internet.   She gets to meet a lot of other dog crazy people. 

She is spending so much time on Facebook and DogChannel that I can barely get on the computer.  I wait patiently, while she does what she deems fun.  Then when she gets off to make dinner, or to do other things, I jump on and check my Twitter account, and try to catch a few blogs.  Before long, I can feel her watching, that nervous anticipation barely in check.  So I get off the computer and let her at it again. 

I decided the only way to work this out is to get another computer.  I have started saving a little money each week.  Setting it aside so I can go out a purchase that laptop I’ve been wanting.  The one with 4 gig’s of Ram and a blazing processor.  I can’t believe how much computers have advanced, and what is available out there.  So hopefully after a few months, I can get my laptop, and get back to the world of blogging.


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