Friday, March 20, 2009

From Dreams to Ideas

***Day 12, still smoke free***

I have a few ideas for short stories.  They came from day dreams I had.  I seem to be able to remember my day dreams, but very seldom my sleep dreams.  Some of them are still a little convoluted, but I can make them come around with a little work.  When I get them figured out I’ll post them on Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy. 

I do believe Collaborative Writers corner will be gone as of this week end.  A quick and fitting end for an idea that was formed and followed a little to fast.  I don’t have the time or energy to put the proper effort into it.  I think it’s better to put it out of it’s misery rather than leave it laying around lonely, collecting dust.

I have to spend a little time catching up with every ones blog this week end.  Spicy Mist has a story going on her blog, Swooning Sensations Of Life.  I need to get over there and read it, along with many of her other posts.  I have not been very good at keeping up with everyone.  So much of my time will be spent playing the ultimate game of catch up.

I also need to get  two things written for The Artist Challenge.  Both need to be done tomorrow.  So that will be first on the agenda. Then I think I’ll start living life again.  Forget that I ever smoked cigarettes, and just get on with it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Perhaps I have Just a Few Too Many!

*** Day 11, and still going strong ***

I’m thinking about deleting Collaborative Writers Corner.  I just don’t have the time to deal with it right now.  5 blogs just may be a few too many.  I’m not sure if it was such a good idea to begin with.   I like the thought, but there is so much that could be worked out better.  I may just concentrate on the others, and get things back on an even keel.

I Would like to take Ruminations up a notch or two, and make it a better written blog.  Something I can focus my efforts on.  I would love to start a few more stories, and have more regular posts.  At the same time, I don’t want to lose the personal feel of it.  I know at least Tashabud likes my reminiscing, so I’ll have to try to come up with some more mountain memories to share.   Those posts are really therapeutic, and fun to write. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double Digits

*** Day 10, I can hardly believe it ***

Today, marks something special for me.  It’s the first time in 25 + years that I have been without a cigarette for 10 days straight.  I would love to say that it gets easier each day, but that is not always true.  Some days are better than others, and some days are the most stressful day’s I have ever had.

There are a  few things on the news just about every day.  One of them really pisses me off, sorry but that is the way I feel.  AIG, how the hell can they justify giving bonuses when the company is failing so miserably.  Oh, I know how, the government is paying the bonuses!  I was raised to believe  a person gives an honest days work for an honest days pay.  The idea of taking money for something that was done wrong, or failed, just grates on my sense of write and wrong. 

I think they should have renegotiated all the contracts as soon as they took the “bailout” money.   If nothing else, we should have required it before ever considering bailing them out. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just another day

**Day 9**

Just one more day, nothing special.  I managed to make it though.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy Day with out the Rain

***Day 8, I can do it! ***

I know your saying, WHAT?  Well it’s pretty simple really. We had so much rain last week, that we still can’t do any outside work because the ground is so wet.   So we had a kind of Rain day at work. 

I spent most of the day driving around, checking on potential new jobs, trying to come up with a cost for them.  I do no like the bid process at all, people have no idea the cost of doing any particular job.  It seems that people just think you only charge what you paid  for the material and something like $5.00 an hour, LOL.  Forget that we have to carry  a 3 million dollar insurance policy.  pay wages and salaries, truck payments, tools, fuel and maintenance.  Never knew there was so much involved in plumbing, LOL. 

What really aggravates me is talking with other plumbing companies who get away with charging outrageous prices (double what we charge) and no one complains.  We give a price, and everyone faints.  These other companies come in and bid twice the cost, and get the dam job, what’s up with that!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple, Quiet Sunday

   Day 7 Yeah!!!      

Today was one of those fabulously simple days.  Nothing happening, quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood.   Best of all, a real easy day for me. 

I’m not real sure what the problem was yesterday, but I have to say it has been the worst of all so far.  I feel 100 percent better today no problems nor crazy side effects.  I even forgot to put a fresh patch on this morning.  That says a lot to me in and of it self. 

I even slept last night, got a whole 8 hours.  That is something that just about never happens for me.  I have gotten some more work done on Tirashar’s story today.  I was right, I just had to start over.  The one I attempted last week was so fragmented and wandering all over the place, I simply could do nothing with it.  If all goes well I’ll be posting sometime tonight.


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