Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Another Day? Or Something Decidedly Different?

Last night, try as I might, I simply could not get into that zone I need to be in to write.  I’m not sure what was wrong, or if it will continue for any length of time, I certainly hope not. 

I think I was just worn out and tired.  I went to bed early, 1:00 Am, and slept late, 9:00 AM.  After this last week I am not surprised in the least.  I have worked 12 and 13 hour days, all week long, after a long, physically demanding weekend last.  Today it continued on, causing me to feel sleepy most of the day, and I nearly fell asleep at the computer earlier. 

At any rate, I did not post Friday’s Fantasy last night, and have not been able to force myself to work on it today.  I may try again a little later tonight, but I’m not making any promises.  Perhaps I just need a day off, and some good rest. 

I suppose this counts counts as my daily due for the posting, anything else will be bonus material.  I am trying hard to maintain the post a day, and really just to write something everyday.  All the experts, (ex, is a has been, and a spurt, is a drip under pressure) say that is the best way to improve, simply write. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Interesting Mythology, on the American Front.

I just finished reading a pretty good book. The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman.  The story is intriguing and fun to follow, and you will have to follow. The story line has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing what will happen.  Once you think you have it figured out there is yet another question added to the fray. 

What I really found interesting in the story though, was the detail of knowledge the author had about the Navajo Indian lore and beliefs.  Hillerman goes about educating his readers in a way that you’ll not even know you have just had a lesson in Navajo culture.  So much so, I now want to study some Indian Lore and legends.  I find many of the Navajo beliefs very comforting and simple in nature.  Take for instance, I never knew that if a person had more than they needed, it was considered an evil thing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Takes Time, if You Want Good Material for Your Readers.

I have been so busy, that some of my blogs are not getting the attention they deserve. The  Collaborative Writers Corner is top on that list.  One of the reasons, is it does take time to write a good story.  I wanting to post something that will garner some interest, and get people interested in writing a chapter, paragraph, just about anything. 

I do have a few ideas, but have not had the time to sit down, and really flesh them out.  My current work schedule is taking its toll, and leaving me feeling pretty worn and ragged when I get home. Heck I even got a full 6 hours sleep last night, and that almost never happens.  I think this weekend I will concentrate on writing a few posts for Collaborative Writers Corner, and save them up as drafts.  That way I can pick and choose when I’m having a long week like this. 

Chihuatude and Life Through Peanut’s Eyes are the other two that are suffering.  Not quite as bad, but suffering just the same.  I’ve gone down to only one post a week on them.  I would like to keep it up to at least two.  I think it’s going to come down to scheduling.  I need to work that out better, so I can get more done in the time I have.

I also have agreed to write some things for a few people at the Pub.  I can’t let that fall through the cracks at all.  When I make a commitment, I want to follow it through.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Day’s and Sleepless Nights

This week has been marked by some extremely long tiresome days.  The interesting thing about the construction industry is, that things seem to go in phases.  It’s either feast or famine when it comes to work.  It’s not uncommon to go for a week or two with little or even no work.  Then all of a sudden, you have more work than can be accomplished. 

This week, and probably next week also will be very busy.  We have a whole series of new construction starts.  With the way this economy is, I am ever so grateful these new starts.  Times are tight, as we all know, and many people are not working at all.  So when I get these busy weeks, I keep telling myself that at least I am working. 

I know of many plumbing companies that have seemingly disappeared.  One in particular, just a year ago boasted 18 trucks and over 30 employees.  They are now filing for bankruptcy and have laid off all their employees.  Our saving grace has been in accepting a few commercial jobs.  Normally we only did residential plumbing, but that has nearly stopped completely.  Now we only do a few very big custom homes, and only one or two small houses. 

Next week we will be starting five new lake houses.  I’ll have to travel two hours one way to get to the job site, then work for however long is needed.  The drive home will be long and tiresome.  So if my other blogs see a fall in posts, you’ll all know why.  I will keep up the post a day here on the Side Blog, they may not be much, but they will be here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Germans Simply Make The Best Beer!!!

One of the things I miss most about my time in Germany, Oh My God…  20 + years ago,  is the beer!  Sorry, but the major American brands of beer are just blah.   There is no taste, no flavor, and dam sure no kick.  

Now I’m not a big drinker, as a mater  of fact I generally have a single six pack in my fridge, and it last nearly two to three weeks.  I don’t drink socially, just can’t stand to be around intoxicated people.  I don’t drink wine, never have gotten the taste for it.  I do have a night cap every once in a while, usually Amaretto.  I just like beer, but it has to have some flavor.

My favorites are Shiner, many different flavors, Dos Equis, Not sure if that’s even spelled right, and Fosters.  I do like many of the micro brew’s that are out there, like Fat Tire and Tommy Knockers.  I could really get into trouble on one of those Micro Brew tasting tours. 

Way back when, LOL, when I was stationed in Germany, I was at a little town called Bitburg.  I was in one of the three Army units stationed on the Airbase.  The interesting part was, evidently the Air Force didn’t have room for their Army brethren.  Our barracks was not on the base at all.  We lived in an old French Officers apartment complex, in downtown Bitburg.  These appartments were just up the street from the Bahn Hauf  ( train station), and right behind the local brewery.  The local concoction was called Bitburger Pils.  and very tasty light and slightly bitter pilsner.  It has Chi's 026been 20 + years since I have tasted that particular brew.

What brought all this on you ask???? Well guess what I found at the local store just about a mile away from my house here in Texas.  Yep you guessed it!! Bitburger!!!! I’m in heaven, and have been enjoying an old friend from days far gone.   It’s not in that old familiar little brown bottle, but the taste is OHH SOOO GOOD.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Drivel

I’m figuring out, that it’s not easy to have something to write about every day.  So far, I have managed to maintain at least one post a day.  There have been a few days when I’ve done more, but not less since I decided to make a post a day, here.  Between this, and my other blogs, I’m staying reasonably busy.

I am having some trouble with the Collaborative Writers Corner.  I have a few stories that I’m working on, but nothing I have fleshed out well enough to post.  I’m just not sure what direction they really want to go.  I say they, because most of my stories lately have been, just kind of happening.  I’m learning to try and let them  flow out through the keyboard.  Some of them are not always that good though.  That is where I run into the snafu, I simply don’t want to post something I’m not comfortable with.

I’ll keep working on them, and see if I can get into a good zone sometime soon.  Something like where I was three weeks ago.  I was really pounding them out then.  Maybe I’m just getting tired, perhaps I should try to get more sleep.  NAW, that never works!

The Stories Have Just Brushed Each Other!

A little while back, I mentioned another Fantasy story that has such close parallels with mine, it’s amazing. I first found out about it at Dante’s Pub, an art forum that has more creativity flying around than just about any place I have seen.  It’s all part of The Artist Challenge, that wonderful site where you can view some amazing works of art.  Each month they issue a challenge where a theme is given, and all the artists that wish to enter, have to create a piece depicting their impression of the theme.

I was at the forum, jabbering back and forth on the boards.  I had a running discussion going with Dina, or QueenLint of Deepwater Journal.  I mentioned Pony’s drawings that had given me such clear and vivid inspiration.  When I posted one of her drawings to show them, QueenLint came back right away, saying how she needed Pony to illustrate her novel for her.  Well this perked my interest right away. I told her about my Fantasy Fiction, and gave the link of course. 

A little while later, QueenLint came back saying how she was blown away, and that she would post her first chapter so I could go read it.   When I did, I was shocked at the parallels we had created, unknowing of each others individual stories.  Before long, we hatched a plan to have our characters meet somewhere within their travels.  We have been planning this now for about two weeks, and working out a few details.

Today, is the first brush our two wild women have had.  A brief one, with hints of future involvement.  QueenLint posted her third chapter, and it involves a tangle with some pretty mischievous little buggers.  Tirashar rides in and lends a hand, allowing Talis, QueenLints Character, a chance to escape saving an infant in doing so.   However brief the meeting, I think both Tirashar and Talis have gained an interest in each other.

Friday, I will be posting my version of the event, including Tirashar’s impression of Talis.  This will be a fun part to write, and I already have many thoughts on how to carry it off. 

Be sure to go read QueenLint’s story, and don’t forget to come by Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy on Friday to read My version.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Much for a Quiet Sunday

We set to work about an hour ago, cleaning out the back spare bedroom.  Something that should have been done a long long time ago.  We still had stuff in there from when we moved 7 years ago. Talk about procrastination.

I’m thinking about setting up the office in there, and getting the computer out of the living room.  That way, I can be more secluded while I’m writing, and have fewer distractions.  I might even be able to get more things done in less time, what a concept huh.  I long for the ability to “hide out” in my own little corner. 

I have my old desk set up in there, it was hand made for my Mother over 30 years ago.  Real nice, half circle style desk, heavier than hell.  Not really the best thing for a computer, but maybe I can make it work or modify it so it works better.  I always get big ideas, but we’ll see what comes of it, and how motivated I get. 

I have an old computer, kind of slow but upgradeable.  I’m thinking of setting it up in there so I can have something to work on while Blinda is playing on this one.  I don’t really need much to do the writing I have to.  My broadband is supper fast, so the basic speed on the computer is not as important.  I will miss this monitor though, it’s a 22 inch.  I might have to either get another, or better yet, just get a new laptop.  All I have to do is figure out how to pay for it.


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