Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Written Portrait?

There is a possibility of a new type of challenge over at the pub.  The idea was sparked by an innocent comment on the boards, and has taken on a life of it’s own.  An idea was started about creating self portraits, then turned to a whole new light.  Pictures could be exchanged among the artists, and a portrait created by each other.  I made an little comment about the only way I could participate would be to create a portrait with words. From there, the subject lit up, and scorched it’s way into my thoughts, and a few other members.

We are contemplating the artists creating a piece of work, not necessarily a portrait, but a random work of inspiration.  This art is then sent to a paired writer.  After conversation with the artist, the writer has an opportunity to interprete the work, and define the inspiration, using words as a medium to add to the effect of the visual art. 

I love the idea of such a challenge.  Many a time I have used some ones visual art, drawing, painting, sculpture, what ever is available.  When a piece strikes me just right, a story develops within my head, all of it’s own accord. Many a time, it begs to be written out and shared.  Every once in a while, a painting or drawing will spur my imaginative, descriptive style and produce a very good piece of writing.  I live for those moments.

I can’t wait to see if this challenge idea will take shape, and bear fruit of it’s own.  The benefits for all involved are phenomenal, even the patron who will be rewarded with two pieces to enjoy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Possible New Direction for One of My Stories

Thanks to Sonya of Mary-Sonya Conti Art Gallery, I may have a new direction for one of my stories on Collaborative Writers Corner.  Love Letters is a story of an elderly couple who were never able to conceive during their marriage. I have been trying to come up with a way to have them dream of what could have been had they had children. 

Sonya gave me a great idea,  I could have one of them develop Alzheimer's.  A terrible disease to be sure, but perhaps a way to have on of them digress backwards through life.  Eventually becoming child like, and requiring care similar to that of rearing a youngster. 

Obviously, I’ll have to do some research, I am not comfortably familiar with the disease to be able to write about it.  I always assumed it was merely a losing of ones memory.  Now that I think about it, and thanks to Sonya's comment, I can see a correlation.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks, But no Thanks

There is a proliferation of blog awards out there in the blogosphere.  The thought is well meaning and nice, BUT.  The problem I have with them is the “pass this on to five deserving blogs”.  There are so many deserving blogs, how are you supposed to choose only 5 or 7 or what ever number is specified.  The turmoil created, at least for me, is not a pleasant experience.

It would be too easy to offend some one, or hurt a friends  feeling because you didn’t award it to them.  So I am saying no, and want to get it out front so everyone can see.  I grabbed this neat little badge from Vikki’s Blog, and will keep it posted so there will be no question of my position on blog awards.

There is just so much to see

The great thing about the internet, is the never ending supply of things to read, do, and see.  I spend so much time simply exploring, sometimes I find it hard to visit the places I consider favorites.  I understand now why the term “Information Overload” was coined. 

If you want an enjoyable evening, visit a few art blogs.  The visual sites will stimulate your heart and soul, and many have some great writing to stimulate the mind.  I’ve been traveling around, checking out the sites of many of the members from “The Pub”.  The quality and diversity of their works in amazing.  I’ll share some links with everyone before long.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goals, Where, When, and How.

Today, while I was reading a few of my favorite blogs, I came across a quick little post about writing goals on Before I Am Famous.  Suddenly, the lights came on, and I realized that this was a good idea, a dam good idea.  We set goals for everything else in life we wish to accomplish, why not writing.

I am going to have to sit down, and organize my thoughts.  Decide just exactly where I would like my writing to take me.  Is this something I wish to keep doing just for the fun of it, or should I start to consider writing as a possibility for future prosperity.  What type of writing do I most enjoy, that’s an easy one, and which style best suits me. 

I believe I may just go after the one goal I have been considering for some time.  I would like to attempt, wrong term or thought process here, I would like to start writing at least one article a day.  This blog will most likely be the forum for that particular venture, it’s more suited to the daily post.  So as I develop these goals, that are begging to be defined, I will start writing one article a day to be posted here.  

Now I must set down some discipline for myself, and write, write, and write some more.  Anyone who may be following this blog, please help keep me on track and focused toward my goals.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A must see video for the Creative Mind

This video was shared in a highly creative forum I am a member of.  The need for the creative personality to look at their work and life in a different way, is interesting, and pretty worrying if you really want my true opinion.  Just watch the video, and see for yourself what I mean.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I’m a Cheap Valentine.

What a great weekend.  Valentines Day was as priceless as ever.  I spent the day with Blinda here at the house, enjoying each others company.  I had brought her home a large bouquet of pink roses, with a few pink lilies in there for added beauty. Two cards, one loving and sentimental, and one just little comical.  Just the two of us with no distractions, listening to music and having a wonderful day.  Nothing better in my mind.

I used to write long and wordy love letters to her, but that has gone by the wayside.  Someday I will write another, just to see the reaction on her face.  After nearly 19 years, we are accustomed to each other, and quite comfortable with the simple things in life.


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