Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unrequited Love – Such Vivid Imagery

Vikki, AKA The Pub Wench, has the Artists Challenge posted.  The theme is Unrequited Love, and the images submitted… take my breath away.  Be sure you swing by and view the stunning art work, contributed by 22 different artists.  Each piece a unique and wonderful interpretation of the them.  Many so vibrant and oozing the emotions behind their creation.  I am humbly stunned, and bow deep, my hat in hand to those of the visual arts, who chose to take part.

Friday, February 13, 2009

An easy way to help out Australian Brush Fire Victims, and get an awesome value also.

We have all been watching the struggle in Australia.  Now there’s a way to help out, and send some money down under.  Site Point an Australian company is donating all, yes 100 percent of the proceeds from book sale to the victims of the brush fires.  Order any five books, and pay for just one, that’s 29.95.  The offer ends Friday 13th 2009, I wish I had seen this earlier.

Site point sells books on HTML, CSS, Java Script, Development theory, and many more.  I may have to dig into the coffers for this one. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I haven’t found “The One” I was looking for; but I did find some sweet little tips and tweaks.

I’ve been searching a bunch of the tips and hacks blogs, looking for a useable Table of Contents widgets.  I’d love to have something that will fly out on mouse over or click.  Something similar to a menu bar.  Humm, that may be a route to look at.  Anyway while searching, I came across some real nice widgets and code for Blogger templates.

Ever wanted an easy way to see who is twittering about your article.  Amanda Fanzani, of Blogger Buster did a guest post on Blogging Tips that had a neat and simple script for putting all the tweets about an individual post just below your comment section.  Her article, Discussion Options For Blogger, listed a number of things.  About halfway down the article is the script for Tweetbacks by Daniel Zarrella.  This is one of the simplest tweaks for a template I have seen, and works great.  You’ll see it in action on all my of blogs.

You can also add a couple of buttons at the base of your article, just above the comments section.  One of adding to Google Reader, and one for Tweet This.  This makes it convenient for your readers to share your article with their friends.  These buttons don’t show up until you load an individual post, as if your were reviewing comments, or leaving a comment.  Cranial Soup has the code you need, along with a complete and easy to follow tutorial.  To make things easier, do the Share This In Google Reader button first, then add the code for the Twit This button. 

If I find more handy little tips, I’ll share them with you.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Add on’s for Collaborative Writers Corner

I’m going to set up a Side Note’s widget for Collaborative Writers Corner.  This time I will try very hard to make Blogger Buster’s hack work.  It uses a filter to prevent post with certain tags from showing on the main page.  Then you simply burn a feed for that tag, and put it in a widget on the side bar.  This way readers can see them at the same time they read the regular post’s.  The other advantage, is that any writer with permission to post, can make a side note to promote an event on their own blog. 

There is one thing I’m having trouble with.  I want, desperately, and table of contents that I can make as a fly out form or post, with out reloading the page.  If anyone knows of a way to do this, please let me know.  Blogger Buster listed one from another site, but I can not get it to work with my template.  As a mater of fact, the code for it disrupts the colander widget.  I will eventually need  a quality table of contents to ease reader navigation.  I’m even considering a tabbed widget, one tab for each genre.  I’m open to any ideas on haw to do these things. Hoctor has a good tabbed widget, but I’m wondering if there is anything better out there.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fun and Unique Writing Prompt!

Ever been stuck, searching unendingly,  for an inspiration to write from.  I have many a time, and struggled for hours, days, even weeks to work out something worthy of my readers. Too many times, I have succumbed and posted articles that fail my test, hence de-value my writing in my eye’s. 

I have recently realized I can get inspiration from other blog authors.  A good friend, Megan, of Posey Sessions, has sent me links to some fun writing prompt sites in the past.  She is very helpful and likes to read and write.  She is very knowledgeable of the art of writing, and willing to share that wisdom.

This one though I found just through my strolls amongst my favorite blogs.  Cafe Writing does a monthly project, supplying number of prompts of a different nature.  This months theme of course it’s Love Letters.  I read a poem on Jane’s Writing that was the result of this project.  I couldn’t resist but to go and see the inspiration for it.

Now I think I must attempt something, short story, poem, I’m not sure what exactly.  But have faith, I’ll come up with something.

Enjoying a Simple Silent Sunday

Today, I’m going to sit around, and enjoy a little peace an solitude. I plan to wrap myself in a new book, I have four to chose from this week, and relax a little. Perhaps grill some venison, and partake of a little spirited beverage .

Of course I will be spend a little time on the computer, too many things to get done for the week. I’m making every effort to keep up with the ridiculous number of blogs I follow, so bear with me. My schedule is requiring a revamp since starting the other blogs.

I’m considering setting up some drafts for future publishing, perhaps a way to lessen the stress of time constraints. I’m having trouble with this for I have a strange temptation to click that publish button upon completion of an article.

Feedburner, Improved Under Google

If you haven’t transferred your Feedburner feeds over to the new Google Feedburner, do it soon. I completed the process today, and it only took a few minutes.  What surprised me was the new Feedburner was familiar in appearance to the old one, but so much easier to use.

They still have all the same old gadgets and goodies, but it felt like the user interface was easier to navigate, and quicker.  There are a few new tings that are much nicer.  For instance with just a couple of clicks, you can put Google Adds in your feed.  No more copying code, and placing it in your template.  You can also get feedBulletin, a personalized update that keeps you informed of the performance of your feeds, and suggestion on improving them. 

I spent the rest on the evening sprucing up my subscription widgets, on all my blogs.  I hope to promote my feeds more with the new look.  I’m trying to make them more appealing, and interesting to the reader.

Don’t forget to update your Blog setting when you transfer the feed.   


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