Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day of technical trivialities


Image by ...-Wink-... via Flickr

In this age of computer connectivity and communication, I still find myself relying on the faithful old telephone.  However, today I tried something new.  I had a verbal conversation with a friend from The Artists Challenge, on the computer! 

We’re working together to create a memory piece about her grandparents.  I wanted to chat with her about specific memories she had, you know, the scents of their house, sights from the porch, things like that. 

The telephone is not the least expensive means of communication anymore.  So I set up the chat on Gtalk, and then realized there was an icon at the top that said call.  Well we just had to try it out, so I plugged in the old headset and microphone, and after a little tweaking of the settings on my computer, we were talking.  I think I may just try this little trick on a more frequent basis.  Hell, I might even go to the store and get me one of those cameras so we can videoconference. 

I’m just moving right on up there in this techno crazy life these days.  and saving some money as I do.


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