Monday, September 7, 2009

Ahh Yet Another Banner Day

House on the lake

Image by Fr Antunes via Flickr

I’ve been enjoying the day, playing around with templates once again.  You know if I keep this up, before long I’m going to understand all this HTML and CSS to the point of being able to make my own template from scratch.  Ok, it might take a little longer than I would like, but I’m getting there. 

This evening, I had a wonderful dance.  A dance with a partner all the way out in California.  We were working up a new banner for one of the sites.  She is a master with the graphics, where I falter and stumble.  I just don’t seem to have an eye for color and composition.   So I handled the code part of it, placing items where I thought they would look good.  She handled the creation of the graphics, and then directing me on more appropriate placement.   It was fun, and I wish I could spend more time doing things like that. 

The new banner, is smashing, with a lot of attitude.  Don’t worry, You’ll get to see it once I get the template completed.  It’ll be a couple of weeks before everything I need to do is finalized, and the template put in place.  Then maybe I can get her to dance once again and help me with Ruminations banner.

Tuesday morning at 12:01, I’m posting one of Lou’s stories on The Inferno.  Lou writes on his blog, LouCeel, and I’ve focused one of my Writers of The Web on him.  This piece is a companion piece, with the first part of the story on Inferno, and the second part on his site.  I know you’ll enjoy this one, especially if you into intrigue.


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