Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep Tight, Weary One!

shadows of august

Image by greenhem via Flickr

When this article posts, I’ll be shrouded in the deep sleep of the deer lease.   I find that I sleep more soundly, and wake up far more refreshed when I’m at out there.  Something about the good clean country air, and peaceful silent nights, that lend themselves to quality sleep.   This is one of the major advantages of working where we are.  I get better rest than anyone could ever imagine. 

I also get to see some great wildlife, and spend a little time fishing.  I have managed to take some tenderloin filets wrapped with bacon, and potatoes to bake.  All cooked on a charcoal grill for flavor.  Now that’s what I call living! 

I’ll have a new post fresh off the presses ready for Wednesday. and hopefully one for Ruminations also.  Until then, I’ll think of everyone as I’m driving through the area, enjoying the sights.


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