Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sleep; of the Work Weary

Wow, I slept for nine hours last night.  It was so needed, after last week.  I normally only get a few hours a night.   I have to admit, in the past few months that time frame has grown.  I guess it has something to do with age.  I find it necessary get more than four hours a night a little more frequently now.  I still get on a insomnia like kick every once in a while though.   The physical exertion of last week took it’s toll no doubt.  I haven’t worked that hard in a long time.  We didn’t even feel like fishing after work, the two nights we spent at camp.  Now that is tired! 

Today Was productive in it’s own way.  I learned a few new tricks for the templates.  I’m really torn between a couple of templates I really like the look of.  The problem is they don’t have some features I’m looking for.  So I went on a feature hunt if you will.  I learned a few new ways to add what I want to existing templates.  HTML, accompanied by a little Java script can do wonders.  There is so much open source code out there, free to use.  I’ll have to test some of it to make sure it doesn’t slow page loads significantly.  I would love to find a way to make the sidebar not refresh every time you click a link, only loading the post your interested in. 

I also found an answer to something I’ve been working on for The Pub.  I’ve been trying to build a slide show that will be easily copied by members to their own site.  I think I may have the answer in hand.  Unfortunately it will take some code work to load on pages, and not that many people are comfortable tinkering with their template HTML.  I think I’ll need to work on an answer for that.  I really want to make a widget they can just copy a snippet of code, and paste into an HTML widget and be done.  I’ll figure it out, it only takes time.


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