Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Theme – Theme

petal shadows

Image by Will Montague via Flickr

The Artists Challenge is at it once again.  Every month we have one to two challenges.   Artists can submit their work for a theme based challenge.    This particular challenge is more of a NON-theme though.  The title is No Theme Theme.    I did a poem for the challenge, actually two, similar but separate.   This was the first one I sent in, and then decided I didn’t like.  So I did another that is now my submission, it’s posted over on Ruminations

Poor Vikki, our very own Pub Wench, who does all the leg work, and keeps the mugs filled to the brim.   She also manages to keep order, and make sense of the mayhem over at Dante’s Pub, no small task I assure you.  I do this to her all the time, I just can’t be satisfied with a piece until I tweak it and twist it a few times. 


Nary a line to follow,

nor guiding light.

No thoughts to barrow,

an endless plight.


Route nearly mapped, yet

no compass to guide.

Fair winds have slacked,

sails hanging aside.


No anchor to bind,

nor chain to confine

Freedoms not blind,

abstract sublime.


The No Theme Theme will debut on Aug 16th, 2009, be sure to swing over to the Artist Challenge page and check out the art work.


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