Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Look Is On The Horizon

Juste Une Lueur

Image by fanfan2145 via Flickr

I’m getting tired of this boring template, so I have been searching a for a new one.  I found just what I wanted over the weekend, and have already started getting things set up in a test blog.   Once that’s done, then all I have to do is down load it, and up load it to this site.  Pretty simple huh, well kind of anyway.

The new template will have three sidebars like many of my others.  One larger one on the right top, and two smaller ones below that.  Plus it’ll have three additional 3 sets of widget boxes in the footer.  This is a format I really like for the widget control.  It’s easy on the eyes, at least my eyes, and simple to organize.

When I do make the change, I’ll be changing the name also.  This blog will become “Side Notes”  Simple and easy to remember.   So don’t be shocked when you show up here one day, and nothing is familiar.  It’s sill me, and still the same blog, just a different look.


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