Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a little more!

West Texas Sunset

Image by StuSeeger via Flickr

While your reading this, I will be on my my way to my own personal sanctuary.  At least I have it scheduled to post at that time, I’m not sure when you’ll be reading it!  Working my way to relaxation, alongside a west Texas stock tank, filled with bass, croppy, and catfish.  Ready and willing to relish in the wonder of another amazing sunset.

The sunsets are always the best when there’s a full moon.  It’s like the changing of the guard at some royal palace.  Colors slowly lowered, carefully folded, then stowed away for the day.  Silver light of the stalwart moon stands bastion, protecting those under him.  Stouthearted and true, waiting for daylights return to salute revelry and the raising of the colors once again.

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