Monday, August 17, 2009

Cascading Ideas, Fill My Thoughts.

Funny how a weekend can sometimes set the tone for the start of a new week.  I had a very enjoyable weekend, full of productivity; for me anyways.  Plots and characters flooded through my mind in a cascade of wonder.   All of this, and your asking yourself, “how the hell is this productive?’.   For me, it provides a few directions for things I’m already working on.

Of course you know I was entangled with the Artist Challenge, perhaps entangled is not the right word.  I love working with the artists of that group.  Date’s Pub, quite often gives me inspirations that may never have been born otherwise.  The community there, is fun loving, free thinking, and ever so spirited.  Not to mention the creativity of the group as a whole.  I spent hours, literally hours, visiting their blogs and websites.  Perusing the gallery’s they have created, and found myself considering storylines, setting, and characters, that seemed to manifest themselves out of thin air.  By Sunday night, my head was swimming in a sea of fiction. 

You see, I’m starting another blog!  Wait, no don’t run away and hide yet!   I know you think I’m kind of crazy.  I trust you’ll give me the benefit of  doubt though, and hear me out.  I have the blog basically set up, a sweet template, tweaked and trimmed, ready and waiting for some posts.  The name is picked, claimed, and set in digital stone.  No, I’m not going to tell you what the name is or the URL yet, and I’ve hidden it so you can’t see it from my profile as yet.  I will tell you that it will be dedicated completely to fiction.  Fiction that seems to be born in it’s own sweet time, refusing to follow any kind of linear schedule.  I have a few stories, formatting themselves in my head, laying out a strange and unusual map for me to follow.    I don’t know if you’ll like them or not, and I want to polish up the first chapters of two before I tell you where to find them.  I don’t even know if they will become part of a larger story, or remain short chapters of my deluded visions.   This all has yet to be made clear by my overactive imagination.

Soon, I don’t really know when, but soon I will cut the ribbon, and swing open the doors for all to see what has been swimming around in my addled mind.  Then you can tell me if I’m in need of psychiatric help or not.

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