Thursday, August 20, 2009

ARGH! The Secret is Out!

Inferno Profile Shiver me timbers, the secrets out.  I’ll be hiding from Wench for sure now.  I new it wouldn’t last long, a secret of this value simpley can’t be kept. 

We pirates of Dante’s Pub have sacked another ship.  Always in search of treasures to plunder and booze to drink.  We searched the hold well and true, looking high and low.  Nary a trinket was found, just a few stowaways who were promptly thrown overboard.  We’ve laid claim to the vessel, a fine and proud vessel she be, given her a name befitting our motley crew, and are sailing her under the flag of Dante’s Pub and The Artist Challenge.

We’ve been busy, Shanghaiing recruiting a crew, and preparing her for the high seas.  It’s treasure and adventure we’re after, chest of gold coin, jewels of royalty, booze for drinking, treasures of indescribable wonder.  Come along and join us on our maiden voyage, to waters of unknown wonderment.  Sail with us through discoveries and adventure, sure to dazzle and entertain.  Join the crew if you want, or book passage as a guest.  Beware though, threats of the plank and Davey Jones Locker are bantered about on a regular basis. 

Check out our fine new vessel, she’s at anchor in the cove.  Simply look for the flag and check the name, The Inferno, to be certain your on the right ship.


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