Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What’s up with Entrecard?

I have an Entrecard widget on three of my blogs.  Now that I’m back in action, I was going to start dropping cards again.  The problem is I can’t log into Entrecard at all.  I’ve tried requesting a rest password, but have had no luck.  Yes I checked the spam folders in the email to be sure it didn’t get lost.   I’ve tried emailing them, and just can’t seem to get through, or nobody is answering the mail.  I’m just about to the point of dropping the widgets off my blogs.  Entrecard was a darn good way to get around and visit with people, not to mention finding new blogs.  I’ll give them a little more time, and see what happens. 

On another line, after my recent computer crash, I lost all my email address.  so If you were one of those who I email, infrequent or otherwise, please send me an email so I can repopulate my contacts log.


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