Monday, July 27, 2009

What to write?

One of my daily dilemma's, is a never-ending story.  What to write, and which blog to write it on?  This blog is easy, for there really is no “theme” to go along with it.  It has turned into something of a daily diary, or that is what I’m aiming for anyway.  It’s the other blogs that keep me thinking all the time.

Mountain Dreamer is pretty much self explanatory, and I will keep it all about my passion, the mountains.  The places that mean so much to me and that have forged a stainless vision in my head.  I find that while I’m writing those post, my office transforms and takes on the views I so cherish.  Then all I have to do is capture the scene before my eyes and put it to paper.  Not always the easiest to write, but at times the most rewarding for me.  The interesting thing is, every once in a while, I find myself wondering if I had really seen the beauty portrayed before me, in real life.  I’m sure my memory embellishes just a tad, but I suppose that’s fine by me.

Chihuatude is rather easy for me also. I have a constant reminder of the theme at my feet nearly every waking moment while home.  My love of those little wonders that constantly compete for our attention was a large part of why I started that blog.  Lately, it has become a showcase for the puppies we breed and sell.  Always in the background though is that renowned Chihuahua attitude and personality.

Life Through Peanut’s Eyes, is just that.  Stories from the perspective, and in the “voice”, of my littlest companion.  I have always pictured him as a somewhat juvenile character, because of many of his habits.   That is why his stories carry a childish tone.  I’m always amazed at the ferocity and spirit of that tiny 3 pound dog.  Yet at the same time he can project the helplessness and love of a child.

Now we come to my main stumbling block.  Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy, was started over a year ago, to capture my general thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of what happens around my family and I.  It has however, become  a collection of memories, fictional short stories, and various other nonsense.  I think I would like to make it more of what the title sounds like.  Childhood memories of my life in the mountains of Colorado.  The question then becomes what to do with my fiction and other writing.  I don’t think I can just stop writing those stories.  (After re reading some of them I dam sure need to be more careful with my grammar.   Ohh how I wish I had paid more attention during Mr. Travis’s English class.)  My other question is, some of the themes, such as Monday’s Writers, where do they fit into the grand scheme of the overall blog?  Just so many questions, and every day another pops up for consideration. 

So I ask, What should I write?

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