Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What an Honor!

Wow, I just came from one of Roy’s blogs, The Struggling Blogger,  He does a series where he promotes other bloggers, called Bloggers Connection.  Well guess what?  Come on, I know you can guess it.  Yep he featured me this week, and all of my blogs.  I was taken completely by surprise, and nearly left speechless.  I did say nearly, it didn’t take me long to jump in and leave him a fairly long, rambling comment.

Roy made a few good points about how the internet has broken down boundaries.  Allowed a level of communication never before experienced.  For instance, Roy is over in the Philippines. now what would be the chance I would ever be able to meet him?  He’s right, I know I talk with people in India, Australia, the UK, and many other places.  Blogging has created such a diverse community, it’s rather amazing at times.

I’ll just have to repay the compliment, and highlight Roy and his many, and I do mean many blogs over of Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy


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