Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Nice 4,th. of July, nearly spoiled

We had a fairly good Fourth of July.  It almost became a nightmare though.  We spent the first part of the day at Blinda’s Sisters house. Tons of food, and lots a fun, of course I was in this for the food more than anything.  We (read I)  stuffed ourselves with all manner of food, so much so I could barely walk.  Of course there were people there, forcing me to eat all these amazing things, because I wouldn’t dream of making such a pig out of myself on my own.  The best part of any holiday is the availability of a large array of food for sampling and indulgence.

Of course there were two parties we had to make an appearance to, so we took our leave early.  We returned home to let the dogs out, and give ourselves a short break.  Naturally there was a message on the home phone.  I clicked the play button, and was greeted by a computerized voice from the Well’s Fargo fraud prevention folks.  Apparently, someone had hacked into one of our on line accounts, and was attempting to use our debit card information.  Luckily we’re broke, and the things they were trying to buy were so expensive they all got rejected, and called attention to the activity.  We came very close to paying for someone's plane tickets from Italy to the United Eremites, and a few other exotic locations.  After canceling the debit accounts, and working out a plan with the bank to get what money we did lose, back, we went on with our weekend.

There was another nice little party just down the street.  Yes indeed there was even more food that was forced down my gullet until I simply couldn’t move anymore.  We watched as a group of young folks played an interesting game of Slip N Slide Volley Ball.  This was a new experience for me, and looked to be just a little too painful.  They stretched out a huge sheet of plastic, and soaked it down with water sprinklers.  Then they set up a volley ball net across the middle, and attempted to play a few sets.  I’m pretty sure many of them will feel the pain for some time to come.  Shortly after that game, a fairly competitive softball game started up.  Before long, watching all these youngsters play so hard, made me tired and I had to go home for a little more relaxation and more food of course.

The rest of the evening was spent sitting outside on our front porch.  watching the fireworks from up and down the street, and the next few streets over.  It made for a long and enjoyable night.


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