Saturday, July 18, 2009

Household IM

This is really kind of funny, now that we each have our own computer, there have been a few IM chats.  IM chats are not that uncommon, but when your in the same house, only separated by one little wall, I would think it is.  I wonder what’s next? 

Now that we can be on line at the same time, we find ourselves playing around on Facebook, and teasing each other.  I have to admit she has more friends than I do, and she’s only been on Facebook for a few months.   Of course she does play a lot of the games, and I’m, just not rally in to that.   She’s not into blogging like I am.   I guess that just goes to show that we’re different, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This should be fun, as we find ourselves entering the computer family realm.  I wonder if she’ll IM me to let me know to take the trash out, or that dinner is ready.  I wonder how we’ll do the “goodnight kiss” through an IM?


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