Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Free Open Source Office Suite


After setting up this new-used computer, one thing became obvious to me.  Programs that cost a lot of money, are not reasonable for a multi-computer family.  One of the programs I used to use a lot is MS Office, Pro edition.  I am a database addict, and love playing around with Access.  Word has always been a familiar and useful tool for me also.  I had also done quite a bit in Publisher, creating newsletters and such for different things.  The problem is MS Office is anything but cheap!

I found a solution on line though, without much effort.  OpenOffice.Org, is a free Open Source Office Suite.  It has a word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation maker, and an image manipulation or drawing tool.  The overall feel of the office suite is very similar to MS Office, especially the word processor.  If you use Word, you’ll find Writer’s user interface to be friendly and recognizable.  It also opens all MS Office files with no trouble.

Another advantage of OpenOffice.Org is the numerous add-on’s and plug in’s that are available, all free of charge.  One of the plug in’s I downloaded is a save as PDF program.  It allows you to save any writer document your working on as a PDF file.  I figured as much writing as I do, I might start a book, then I can save it as PDF so my readers can download it from my site.  I think it’s a great software package, and should be very useful.  

The OpenOffice.Org Suite is easy to download, and all the programs come in one easy to install package.   After I use it a little bit, I’ll see about posting a review so I can tell you what I think about it.  Of course you can always check out their web site, or download the program yourself and let me know what you think.

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