Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basking in the heat of the day


Image by Pieter Musterd via Flickr

These hot summer days!!!!  What is a poor mountain boy like me supposed to do?  I can fairly say my spirit is not made for these southern heat waves.  I keep laughing every time someone talks about the cool front that came through.  The temperature got down in the 90’s for just a few days.  Yes, cooler than it has been, but a “cool front” I don’t think so. 

My system is just not geared for temperatures above 80.  I suppose it’s my growing up above 10,000 feet where it never gets hot.   I’ll be looking forward to the cool of winter, and dreaming of snow.  We may not see any snow down here, but that won’t keep me from dreaming of it.


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