Monday, June 22, 2009

A Simple, Fast, Cinematic Way to Browse Web Photos.

ekosystem & cooliris

Image by -eko- via Flickr

There have been a number of times I wished I had a simple, fast, cinematic way to view web photos.  I was introduced to CoolIris a few months back by a blog friend.  It is an extension, or add on for FireFox, and can make your life so much easier and more enjoyable when it comes to browsing through photos or videos.

I love the way this add on works.  It displays photos from a web site on a wall.  The wall is moveable with your cursor, and the speed is amazing.  See one you like, simply click on it to enlarge, then you can save it as a favorite, or even email it to someone, or yourself.  I use it regularly, and have found some amazing pictures with CoolIris.  It’s a simple download and install process, and works with FireFox 3.0/3.5.

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