Sunday, April 26, 2009

Convoluted Thinking

Have you ever sat back and tried to come up with the perfect job in your imagination?  I have tried so many times to single out one particular job that would suit my personality.   I don’t think there is a single one, for there are simply too many facets to my makeup to be satisfied with just one.

I dream of a job where I could be outdoors, enjoying nature, and writing about it.  But then I love to drive, and travel around seeing new things, not that I get to do that very often.  I also love to build things, or shape a particular project, you know, working with my hands.  Then again I enjoy playing with technology, and computers. 

I have figured one thing out in the past few weeks.  I can not keep doing these physically demanding jobs for the rest of my life.  Perhaps it’s time to start looking for a new path, a route of survival and enjoyment. I wonder where it would take me, what plateaus I need to reach, which turns I should take?   Ahh, the possibilities are endless, yet limited by my thoughts.  Convoluted thinking indeed!


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