Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Takes Time, if You Want Good Material for Your Readers.

I have been so busy, that some of my blogs are not getting the attention they deserve. The  Collaborative Writers Corner is top on that list.  One of the reasons, is it does take time to write a good story.  I wanting to post something that will garner some interest, and get people interested in writing a chapter, paragraph, just about anything. 

I do have a few ideas, but have not had the time to sit down, and really flesh them out.  My current work schedule is taking its toll, and leaving me feeling pretty worn and ragged when I get home. Heck I even got a full 6 hours sleep last night, and that almost never happens.  I think this weekend I will concentrate on writing a few posts for Collaborative Writers Corner, and save them up as drafts.  That way I can pick and choose when I’m having a long week like this. 

Chihuatude and Life Through Peanut’s Eyes are the other two that are suffering.  Not quite as bad, but suffering just the same.  I’ve gone down to only one post a week on them.  I would like to keep it up to at least two.  I think it’s going to come down to scheduling.  I need to work that out better, so I can get more done in the time I have.

I also have agreed to write some things for a few people at the Pub.  I can’t let that fall through the cracks at all.  When I make a commitment, I want to follow it through.


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