Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank You

Worries of thought and clutter

pushing myself too hard.

Your comments settle me

add structure and focus

raise my spirit, lift my thoughts.


The challenge is mine

assigned by desire.

A wish to improve

to overcome faults.


What I fail to see

you clarify for me

My failures prod and push

you calm and reassure

Seeing in me what I fail to see.


Thank you for the support

the friendship and caring

Comments that lift and energize.

Your Comments mean more than you  know.


I can’t put this any other way, the poem was what I thought right away after reading comments from yesterdays post.   I know it’s not polished, but it is what I feel right now, this moment, and I felt like putting it out there for you to see.  That way perhaps you can see just how much you all mean to me. 


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