Monday, March 2, 2009

The Stories Have Just Brushed Each Other!

A little while back, I mentioned another Fantasy story that has such close parallels with mine, it’s amazing. I first found out about it at Dante’s Pub, an art forum that has more creativity flying around than just about any place I have seen.  It’s all part of The Artist Challenge, that wonderful site where you can view some amazing works of art.  Each month they issue a challenge where a theme is given, and all the artists that wish to enter, have to create a piece depicting their impression of the theme.

I was at the forum, jabbering back and forth on the boards.  I had a running discussion going with Dina, or QueenLint of Deepwater Journal.  I mentioned Pony’s drawings that had given me such clear and vivid inspiration.  When I posted one of her drawings to show them, QueenLint came back right away, saying how she needed Pony to illustrate her novel for her.  Well this perked my interest right away. I told her about my Fantasy Fiction, and gave the link of course. 

A little while later, QueenLint came back saying how she was blown away, and that she would post her first chapter so I could go read it.   When I did, I was shocked at the parallels we had created, unknowing of each others individual stories.  Before long, we hatched a plan to have our characters meet somewhere within their travels.  We have been planning this now for about two weeks, and working out a few details.

Today, is the first brush our two wild women have had.  A brief one, with hints of future involvement.  QueenLint posted her third chapter, and it involves a tangle with some pretty mischievous little buggers.  Tirashar rides in and lends a hand, allowing Talis, QueenLints Character, a chance to escape saving an infant in doing so.   However brief the meeting, I think both Tirashar and Talis have gained an interest in each other.

Friday, I will be posting my version of the event, including Tirashar’s impression of Talis.  This will be a fun part to write, and I already have many thoughts on how to carry it off. 

Be sure to go read QueenLint’s story, and don’t forget to come by Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy on Friday to read My version.


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