Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple, Quiet Sunday

   Day 7 Yeah!!!      

Today was one of those fabulously simple days.  Nothing happening, quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood.   Best of all, a real easy day for me. 

I’m not real sure what the problem was yesterday, but I have to say it has been the worst of all so far.  I feel 100 percent better today no problems nor crazy side effects.  I even forgot to put a fresh patch on this morning.  That says a lot to me in and of it self. 

I even slept last night, got a whole 8 hours.  That is something that just about never happens for me.  I have gotten some more work done on Tirashar’s story today.  I was right, I just had to start over.  The one I attempted last week was so fragmented and wandering all over the place, I simply could do nothing with it.  If all goes well I’ll be posting sometime tonight.


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