Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy Day with out the Rain

***Day 8, I can do it! ***

I know your saying, WHAT?  Well it’s pretty simple really. We had so much rain last week, that we still can’t do any outside work because the ground is so wet.   So we had a kind of Rain day at work. 

I spent most of the day driving around, checking on potential new jobs, trying to come up with a cost for them.  I do no like the bid process at all, people have no idea the cost of doing any particular job.  It seems that people just think you only charge what you paid  for the material and something like $5.00 an hour, LOL.  Forget that we have to carry  a 3 million dollar insurance policy.  pay wages and salaries, truck payments, tools, fuel and maintenance.  Never knew there was so much involved in plumbing, LOL. 

What really aggravates me is talking with other plumbing companies who get away with charging outrageous prices (double what we charge) and no one complains.  We give a price, and everyone faints.  These other companies come in and bid twice the cost, and get the dam job, what’s up with that!


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