Monday, March 9, 2009

One Day Out of the Way!

I have quit smoking.  I’m going to be positive about this and continue the attitude that “I have quit”.  I’ve said before that I was planning this, but there was always an excuse to put it off.  One excuse after another, always a reason not to follow through.  Well NO MORE, I have made my mind up, and decided I’m going to do what dad could not.

One of my regular reliable excuses was that Blinda smoked, and it would be too hard for me to quit while she was smoking.  Well, guess what?  You got it, we made this decision together, and we are both quitting.  She is actually dealing with it better than I am.  We are using the patch to help us out, and relieve some of the cravings.  It does help with the chemical part of this ridiculous dependency. 

The part I have trouble with is my unconscious habit of reaching for my cigarettes, especially when I’m driving.  The only thing I can attribute it to, is a muscle memory habit.  I have not really had a serious craving for a cigarette, but I have been edgy, unable to sit still, pacing back and forth, basically just hyperactive.  Luckily I had plenty of work to do today, and was able to keep myself occupied.  So if you notice my posts kind of rambling every once in a while, You know why.

I will be adding a little something at the top of each post from now on.  I plan to celebrate each day as an individual success.  So I will have a number of days smoke free statement at the top of each future post.  This is going to be a one day at a time thing, and I can’t bring myself to look at it any other way yet. 


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