Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Day’s and Sleepless Nights

This week has been marked by some extremely long tiresome days.  The interesting thing about the construction industry is, that things seem to go in phases.  It’s either feast or famine when it comes to work.  It’s not uncommon to go for a week or two with little or even no work.  Then all of a sudden, you have more work than can be accomplished. 

This week, and probably next week also will be very busy.  We have a whole series of new construction starts.  With the way this economy is, I am ever so grateful these new starts.  Times are tight, as we all know, and many people are not working at all.  So when I get these busy weeks, I keep telling myself that at least I am working. 

I know of many plumbing companies that have seemingly disappeared.  One in particular, just a year ago boasted 18 trucks and over 30 employees.  They are now filing for bankruptcy and have laid off all their employees.  Our saving grace has been in accepting a few commercial jobs.  Normally we only did residential plumbing, but that has nearly stopped completely.  Now we only do a few very big custom homes, and only one or two small houses. 

Next week we will be starting five new lake houses.  I’ll have to travel two hours one way to get to the job site, then work for however long is needed.  The drive home will be long and tiresome.  So if my other blogs see a fall in posts, you’ll all know why.  I will keep up the post a day here on the Side Blog, they may not be much, but they will be here.


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