Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Another Day? Or Something Decidedly Different?

Last night, try as I might, I simply could not get into that zone I need to be in to write.  I’m not sure what was wrong, or if it will continue for any length of time, I certainly hope not. 

I think I was just worn out and tired.  I went to bed early, 1:00 Am, and slept late, 9:00 AM.  After this last week I am not surprised in the least.  I have worked 12 and 13 hour days, all week long, after a long, physically demanding weekend last.  Today it continued on, causing me to feel sleepy most of the day, and I nearly fell asleep at the computer earlier. 

At any rate, I did not post Friday’s Fantasy last night, and have not been able to force myself to work on it today.  I may try again a little later tonight, but I’m not making any promises.  Perhaps I just need a day off, and some good rest. 

I suppose this counts counts as my daily due for the posting, anything else will be bonus material.  I am trying hard to maintain the post a day, and really just to write something everyday.  All the experts, (ex, is a has been, and a spurt, is a drip under pressure) say that is the best way to improve, simply write. 


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