Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Germans Simply Make The Best Beer!!!

One of the things I miss most about my time in Germany, Oh My God…  20 + years ago,  is the beer!  Sorry, but the major American brands of beer are just blah.   There is no taste, no flavor, and dam sure no kick.  

Now I’m not a big drinker, as a mater  of fact I generally have a single six pack in my fridge, and it last nearly two to three weeks.  I don’t drink socially, just can’t stand to be around intoxicated people.  I don’t drink wine, never have gotten the taste for it.  I do have a night cap every once in a while, usually Amaretto.  I just like beer, but it has to have some flavor.

My favorites are Shiner, many different flavors, Dos Equis, Not sure if that’s even spelled right, and Fosters.  I do like many of the micro brew’s that are out there, like Fat Tire and Tommy Knockers.  I could really get into trouble on one of those Micro Brew tasting tours. 

Way back when, LOL, when I was stationed in Germany, I was at a little town called Bitburg.  I was in one of the three Army units stationed on the Airbase.  The interesting part was, evidently the Air Force didn’t have room for their Army brethren.  Our barracks was not on the base at all.  We lived in an old French Officers apartment complex, in downtown Bitburg.  These appartments were just up the street from the Bahn Hauf  ( train station), and right behind the local brewery.  The local concoction was called Bitburger Pils.  and very tasty light and slightly bitter pilsner.  It has Chi's 026been 20 + years since I have tasted that particular brew.

What brought all this on you ask???? Well guess what I found at the local store just about a mile away from my house here in Texas.  Yep you guessed it!! Bitburger!!!! I’m in heaven, and have been enjoying an old friend from days far gone.   It’s not in that old familiar little brown bottle, but the taste is OHH SOOO GOOD.


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