Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double Digits

*** Day 10, I can hardly believe it ***

Today, marks something special for me.  It’s the first time in 25 + years that I have been without a cigarette for 10 days straight.  I would love to say that it gets easier each day, but that is not always true.  Some days are better than others, and some days are the most stressful day’s I have ever had.

There are a  few things on the news just about every day.  One of them really pisses me off, sorry but that is the way I feel.  AIG, how the hell can they justify giving bonuses when the company is failing so miserably.  Oh, I know how, the government is paying the bonuses!  I was raised to believe  a person gives an honest days work for an honest days pay.  The idea of taking money for something that was done wrong, or failed, just grates on my sense of write and wrong. 

I think they should have renegotiated all the contracts as soon as they took the “bailout” money.   If nothing else, we should have required it before ever considering bailing them out. 


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