Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Drivel

I’m figuring out, that it’s not easy to have something to write about every day.  So far, I have managed to maintain at least one post a day.  There have been a few days when I’ve done more, but not less since I decided to make a post a day, here.  Between this, and my other blogs, I’m staying reasonably busy.

I am having some trouble with the Collaborative Writers Corner.  I have a few stories that I’m working on, but nothing I have fleshed out well enough to post.  I’m just not sure what direction they really want to go.  I say they, because most of my stories lately have been, just kind of happening.  I’m learning to try and let them  flow out through the keyboard.  Some of them are not always that good though.  That is where I run into the snafu, I simply don’t want to post something I’m not comfortable with.

I’ll keep working on them, and see if I can get into a good zone sometime soon.  Something like where I was three weeks ago.  I was really pounding them out then.  Maybe I’m just getting tired, perhaps I should try to get more sleep.  NAW, that never works!


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