Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Written Portrait?

There is a possibility of a new type of challenge over at the pub.  The idea was sparked by an innocent comment on the boards, and has taken on a life of it’s own.  An idea was started about creating self portraits, then turned to a whole new light.  Pictures could be exchanged among the artists, and a portrait created by each other.  I made an little comment about the only way I could participate would be to create a portrait with words. From there, the subject lit up, and scorched it’s way into my thoughts, and a few other members.

We are contemplating the artists creating a piece of work, not necessarily a portrait, but a random work of inspiration.  This art is then sent to a paired writer.  After conversation with the artist, the writer has an opportunity to interprete the work, and define the inspiration, using words as a medium to add to the effect of the visual art. 

I love the idea of such a challenge.  Many a time I have used some ones visual art, drawing, painting, sculpture, what ever is available.  When a piece strikes me just right, a story develops within my head, all of it’s own accord. Many a time, it begs to be written out and shared.  Every once in a while, a painting or drawing will spur my imaginative, descriptive style and produce a very good piece of writing.  I live for those moments.

I can’t wait to see if this challenge idea will take shape, and bear fruit of it’s own.  The benefits for all involved are phenomenal, even the patron who will be rewarded with two pieces to enjoy.


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